German Liedgut domain registered

We’ve got some fresh info about possible future Rammstein projects!

Pilgrim registered a portfolio of domains including words: German Liedgut.

– http://www.german-liedgut .com – .net – .info – .org – .eu – .de

– http://www.germanliedgut .com – .info – .org – .eu – .de

Another domain name they have registered is “Zwinger”. We have no deeper info at this moment 🙂



  1. Domain was registered by Emanuel Fialik. At the moment I cant insert the link, but if I find it, i’ll post it for U.

  2. I’m sure that it won’t contains any live song, coz’ they want to release a Live Aus NYC/Montreal DVD too. I hope that both will be full-length show, but I think it won’t come true. 🙂 If they played that Best-of album in live in Hungary, I would been the most happy guy in the world. 🙂 But I think that R+ won’t change the playlist like Linkin Park, play f.e. 3-6 very different setlist in a tour. :(((

  3. @Canadian the only thing the domain/site currently shows is : “neue Domain: “.

    Can’t wait for their best off hope it will have a lot of live songs. Live aus Berlin 2 ?

  4. According to some sources the new “best of” album might be called “German Liedgut”.
    Also, and the german-liedgut.* domain use the services of the same hosting company.

    The “Zwinger” domain uses the services of a different company so I am pretty sure it has nothing to do with R+.

  5. The domains are only registered, which does not necessary means that they lead to a working website. Probably the website(s) will be launched at some time in the future.


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