Flux from Oomph talks about Rammstein

Interview: “Oomph!” guitarist Flux talks about the evolution of his band and the other goals. He also said something about Rammstein.

Flux - Oomph
Flux - Oomph

Question: People always say, you are the original and Rammstein the copy. What do you think about such statements?

Flux: In the music history is it so that we founded our group 20 years ago, and Rammstein just the mid-1990s. They were with us at the concerts and had their first demos we delivered. They call us nicely in interviews again and again as the influence and sources of inspiration. However, Rammstein then went their way and we ours further. Rammstein play with stereotypes, which we would never do. If we do these sterotypes, we could not see our face in the mirror next morning.

Question: What awaits the visitor at your concert tour?

Flux: Our show focuses primarily on us as personalities. If you have expected a fire show like Rammstein, you are wrong. We do not want such distracting elements in our music. Of course we will play many songs from the new album, but also many older stuff, so a colorful cross-section of our creation. It will be a big party, Dena goes into the audience to work with people.

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  1. Well, I love them both equally, I honestly cannot compare the two there are such differences. Anyhow, I am disappointed in Flux for speaking so disrespectful about them, Dero is rather amiable as far as I know (and I have never heard from Crap soo…).
    Please don’t give me shit for saying I like Oomph!, they are good artist too.
    Connie Jean

  2. Oomph! it isn’t tanz metal, it is industrial metal but with touches even darker and a little bit of EBM. The tanz metal it is a variant of the industrial rock with some elements from metal but with the diference that this kind of music contains more danceable rythms per say it in that way.
    I hate rammstein in the personal and I love Oomph!, but which one with their likes as Tyler said it doesn’t really matters who’s better or not that’s very subjective and per ending the Oomph! songs aren’t to famous because almost all the songs the Catolic Church and some presidents from some countries has forbiden their music by their extremely sincerity express on them, because they didn’t expected to be the number 1 of the rankings, they love their fans and make music

  3. Wow, people are really passionate when it comes to who’s better, but does it really matter? Neither are better nor worse than the other, people just have different taste obviously and saying that on sucks just because you like the other more is just idiotic. That’s like me saying vanilla ice cream sucks just because I don’t prefer it to chocolate.
    The bands can’t even be compared simply because they sound nothing alike, so I don’t see the point in arguing over it. Yes, the stereotype comment was uncalled for and false, but seeing as how this was translated, it could have very, VERY easily been misinterpreted, which is what I think happened since the Oomph members never hold any malice towards Rammstein despite constantly being asked what they think about them. I personally love both bands equally and refuse to take sides since they’re on equal levels in my eyes. They’re both by far two of the most unique and creative bands, visually and musically, that I’ve ever seen, and both bands have a neutral relationship with eachother, so I don’t see why interviewers always try to edge them on by asking stuff like “how do you feel being in Rammstein’s shadow,” or, “what’s it like being told you stole a band’s sound?”

    Shut up, enjoy the music, and let bygones be bygones, because their both amazing and will continue to be as long as fans support them.

  4. (Man, I’m abit late with this..)

    I like both bands, Rammstein and Oomph!. They are both very different bands. Why compare them? Dero(Oomph) and Till(Rammstein) are both very unique and talented singers. If Oomph! want to focus on just music thats fine, Dero has a strong emotion with his singing. Rammstein provide visual things as well as lyrics to add atmosphere and mood to the crowds. They are both very good. Although, I could never imagine them singing a song together. Till would proberly scare Dero, haha 🙂

    Rammstein and Oomph! fur immer!


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