Flux from Oomph talks about Rammstein


Interview: “Oomph!” guitarist Flux talks about the evolution of his band and the other goals. He also said something about Rammstein.

Flux - Oomph
Flux - Oomph

Question: People always say, you are the original and Rammstein the copy. What do you think about such statements?

Flux: In the music history is it so that we founded our group 20 years ago, and Rammstein just the mid-1990s. They were with us at the concerts and had their first demos we delivered. They call us nicely in interviews again and again as the influence and sources of inspiration. However, Rammstein then went their way and we ours further. Rammstein play with stereotypes, which we would never do. If we do these sterotypes, we could not see our face in the mirror next morning.

Question: What awaits the visitor at your concert tour?

Flux: Our show focuses primarily on us as personalities. If you have expected a fire show like Rammstein, you are wrong. We do not want such distracting elements in our music. Of course we will play many songs from the new album, but also many older stuff, so a colorful cross-section of our creation. It will be a big party, Dena goes into the audience to work with people.

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  1. Well, I love them both equally, I honestly cannot compare the two there are such differences. Anyhow, I am disappointed in Flux for speaking so disrespectful about them, Dero is rather amiable as far as I know (and I have never heard from Crap soo…).
    Please don’t give me shit for saying I like Oomph!, they are good artist too.
    Connie Jean

  2. Oomph! it isn’t tanz metal, it is industrial metal but with touches even darker and a little bit of EBM. The tanz metal it is a variant of the industrial rock with some elements from metal but with the diference that this kind of music contains more danceable rythms per say it in that way.
    I hate rammstein in the personal and I love Oomph!, but which one with their likes as Tyler said it doesn’t really matters who’s better or not that’s very subjective and per ending the Oomph! songs aren’t to famous because almost all the songs the Catolic Church and some presidents from some countries has forbiden their music by their extremely sincerity express on them, because they didn’t expected to be the number 1 of the rankings, they love their fans and make music

  3. Wow, people are really passionate when it comes to who’s better, but does it really matter? Neither are better nor worse than the other, people just have different taste obviously and saying that on sucks just because you like the other more is just idiotic. That’s like me saying vanilla ice cream sucks just because I don’t prefer it to chocolate.
    The bands can’t even be compared simply because they sound nothing alike, so I don’t see the point in arguing over it. Yes, the stereotype comment was uncalled for and false, but seeing as how this was translated, it could have very, VERY easily been misinterpreted, which is what I think happened since the Oomph members never hold any malice towards Rammstein despite constantly being asked what they think about them. I personally love both bands equally and refuse to take sides since they’re on equal levels in my eyes. They’re both by far two of the most unique and creative bands, visually and musically, that I’ve ever seen, and both bands have a neutral relationship with eachother, so I don’t see why interviewers always try to edge them on by asking stuff like “how do you feel being in Rammstein’s shadow,” or, “what’s it like being told you stole a band’s sound?”

    Shut up, enjoy the music, and let bygones be bygones, because their both amazing and will continue to be as long as fans support them.

  4. (Man, I’m abit late with this..)

    I like both bands, Rammstein and Oomph!. They are both very different bands. Why compare them? Dero(Oomph) and Till(Rammstein) are both very unique and talented singers. If Oomph! want to focus on just music thats fine, Dero has a strong emotion with his singing. Rammstein provide visual things as well as lyrics to add atmosphere and mood to the crowds. They are both very good. Although, I could never imagine them singing a song together. Till would proberly scare Dero, haha 🙂

    Rammstein and Oomph! fur immer!

  5. Hehe, thank you very much! ;D

    I just thought I had to put some facts on the table – because to say that Rammstein ONLY make songs about stereotypes clearly shows some ignorance :S

  6. Well, maybe Rammstein’s music is more one-dimensional than Oomph!’s – but then they have more power in their music + some melody too, actually..
    Come on, Rammstein is not all about “uhh, let’s get that WTF reaction” – they actually have a good number of beautiful songs/lyrics, but that’s unfortunately not the kind of songs that people focus on.. And maybe Rammstein just dare more when it comes down to the songs about stereotypes – they actually find it interesting to analyze the darker side of the human mind, which means that it comes natural for them to make songs about these kind of people.. And if some of you Oomph!-fans are going to argue with me on that, then let’s talk about denial – because then it would actually mean that they make songs about stereotypes too..
    Well, if Oomph! never really tried the international market and are satisfied with their success in Germany, then there’s nothing to complain about, right? Unless they’re actually secretly jealous on Rammstein’s worldwide success..

    Oohhh, so Oomph! aren’t mainstream at all? Well, based on their popularity and success in Germany, then they’re actually mainstream there – so get over it, they’re not some kind of underground-band or whatever..
    Well, that’s actually why I love Till’s voice so much – because he doesn’t sound like a “normal singer”..
    So Oomph! aren’t radio-friendly either? Come on, it’s not like they’re “too dangerous” or whatever to be played on the radio.. And don’t you dare to compare Rammstein and The Jonas Brothers – they’re as different as they can get when it comes down to the quality of the music..

    Excuse me, is “Brich Aus” a song or what? As far as I know, then it’s not a Rammstein-song..
    Rammstein have never made songs about “how great Germany is”, and they’ve only made one song about “getting your dick eaten by humans” (it’s actually only one human to be correct), which is “Mein Teil” – and as Troy says, then their songs are about a lot more than that.. So try to understand their lyrics just a bit before you begin to talk like that..

  7. Maybe i’m just being ignorant right now, but, when does Rammstein go on about how great Germany is? Rammstein songs are about a lot more than “getting your dick eaten by humans.” A good portion of Rammstein songs are based on actual events. I’ve listened to Oomph and Rammstein, Oomphs style changed quite a bit after their self titled CD (which was their first.) If Oomph was with Rammstein as much as they say they were in R+s beginning, then, that’s really weird that Oomph’s style would just change so drastically in 2 years. I think Rammstein (as i’m pretty sure they’ve said before) have influence from Oomph, but I think Oomph changed up a bit after hearing Rammsteins demos. And Oomph thought “well, we were here first so people will say they bit us.” Well, look at how well that worked out.

  8. I’m not going to mention any names, but it’s obvious that some Oomph!-fans can talk shit about Rammstein too – so don’t come and tell me that it’s only Rammstein-fans who talk shit about Oomph!..

    Btw, I’m listening to other German bands like Eisbrecher and Megaherz too, and I truly love them almost as much as Rammstein – so I’m not one of those who see Rammstein as the only great German band.. And what about Oomph!? Well, I respect them for their big influence on the NDH/industrial music, but I simply just don’t find them as interesting as the other bands.. So the reason why I’m not a fan of them has nothing to do with hate – it’s all about the lack of interest..

    And now you’re free to talk shit about me and my opinions – come on, show me what you got! xD

  9. HAHA i heard rammstein first and loved them cause my boyfriend is a fan so he got me addicted. Then i first heard brich aus… im sorry R+ fans. After Brich Aus. i got so sick of R+ cause for one thats not singing its talking.. that sounds constapated. and 2 oomph sings about everything not jsut how great germany is, about getting your dick eating by humans or love being aweful… Flux is correct. 00mph is the first best then Rammstein was interested so followed.

  10. “but when I say oopmh to one of my friends are they like O.o who???”
    because Rammstein is mainstream and oomph makes less catchy more abstract and deeper music

    when I say Madonna everyone knows her
    she sold over 200 million CDs
    Rammstein sold less than 20 millions
    so you must think she is better than Rammstein
    Rihanna comes up before Rammstein if you write an R in a search engine like Google so IN YOUR PERSONAL OPINION she is way better than Rammstein

  11. rammstein plays with stereotypes?
    what the fu… that doen’t sound like rammstein at all
    and to say such thing is … well stupid
    ooomph are really awesome, but everyone knows rammstein are way way better.
    I mean come on… everyone, even those who don’t like matel have heard of rammstein, but when I say oopmh to one of my friends are they like O.o who???

  12. I dont know how is it possible to compare a mainstream rockband to OOOOMPH!!!

    “Dero tries to growl like Till and he fails at it”
    Oomph! is the earlier so if you find the vocals simular Till tries to sound like Dero
    but He dont because Dero sings
    while Till talks slowly and deeply (and thisis what R+ fans call singing)
    Who gives a fuck who is more famous???!!!! Fuck radiofriendly mainstream bands, everyone who dont like Oomph! can shut up and continue listening to Rammstein, Linkinpark, Jonas brothers etc…

  13. By the way there are more German bands out there that sound
    real good as well and no one cares because they are obsessed
    with Rammstein. Because of that you are missing out on some
    other great bands. You’re loss. Rammstein is great but there
    are other bands just as good and you will never know it because
    you are obsessed with one band. Each band is different and that
    is good. I could not stand to listen to bands that all sound
    the same. I quit listening to American music because now they
    all sound the same.

  14. The songs that Rammstein writes is about certain stereotypes,
    like mann gegen mann, is a song about how people perceive
    homosexuals. That is a stereotype. Geez, people he is speaking
    or typing in English. Get a clue.

  15. how people definte success is different. Rammstein is not musically better than Oomph. Rammstein i find a lot of fun to listen to. if you had any musical hearing, you’d know this.

  16. Rammstein is the most famous and most succesfull German band. Therefore they are better than Oomph. End of story.

  17. I agree with TRAUMSTDU. I personally prefer Rammstein (R+ für immer!!!!) but I also like other Neue Deutsches härte bands like Oomph because though they fall in the same category as Rammstein they have their own style: Rammstein is more heavy guitar riffs and provocative lyrics whereas Oomph adds more electronic sounds and has more toned down lyrics. Either way works and sounds great.
    I would like to mention that I find it a little disturbing how many of you seem to be obsessed with Rammstein to the point of belittling every other German band. I noticed the same thing on Youtube with “Rammstein vs Tokio Hotel” videos. It becomes really annoying to always see stuff like “Oomph is gay” and “Tokio Hotel sux”. I am not a fan of Tokio hotel btw, just trying to make a point. Posting messages saying that a band is made up of poofs is just pointless and a bloody waste of time.

  18. and P.S – to whoever said Till’s voice is unique. yeah it is. but so is Dero’s if you’ve listen to any Oomph at all, you’ll hear it 🙂

  19. those who say Oomph copied Rammstein. you’re the poofs. as Flux said, Oomph started before Rammstein. i personally prefer Oomph – more melody and heart to their songs, the way Dero’s vocals work… it’s just nicer.
    Don’t get me wrong, i love Rammstein too. but i get sick of Rammstein if i hear them too much, its just too one dimensional.
    and i think what Flux mean by stereotypes is the fact that Rammstein go for the “wtf” reaction, whilst Oomph just really play music. i get “wtf” with them sometimes too, but its in a different way to Rammstein. Oomph are just a bit more mature in a lot of ways, Rammstein for me is one for the lulz – they’re fun.
    how do Oomph act like grumpy ripped off band? they never really tried the International approach, they are quite happy with how they’re doing in Germany. they are in fact the more popular band in Germany compared to Rammstein.
    why can’t people just respect bands? if you have nothing good to say about Oomph, then don’t say anything. and Flux isn’t bad-mouthing anyone, maybe his english is just broken.

  20. Rammstein is the greatest band in the world! They are heavy yet they can also right soft songs aswell. Their songs are dark and still keep a bit of poetry.I can understand why people who can’t handle very heavy music may like oomph better but Till’s voice is amazing and no one can deny that

  21. And just because of the fact that Oomph! is a way older band than Rammstein, and was one of the bands to “invent” german industrial/NDH music, then that doesn’t give them the right to sit there and act like the poor, grumpy, original, “ripped off” band.. Some had to be inspired by it at some point.. They should actually thanks Rammstein for making german industrial/NDH music successful.. Because without Rammstein, then Oomph! would still only be known in the underground..

    Just think of Green Day – They’ve been around for about 20 years now.. But they were funny enough also inspired by older bands who started it all.. That’s how the world of music works – You get inspired by certain genres/artists and then kind of create your own universe 😛

  22. So what about the statement that Rammstein is some kind of cheap, average copy of Oomph!(And Laibach for that matter)? Is that really all what Rammstein is?! But some of you say that they’re totally different, which I agree on.. So I don’t know what’s up with that shit..

    Maybe Rammstein is almost more known for their live shows than for their music.. But that’s definitely not my reason to go and see Rammstein live! I’d go and see them for the music! It’s after all the music I love them for the most.. Of course the fire and stuff is a great bonus and not some kind of “distracting elements”.. At least not in my opinion.. BTW, it’s only superficial fans who’d love their live shows more than their music..

    Yeah yeah, some Rammstein-fans make us look like assholes while others make us look like social misfits who will commit a school shooting one day.. But the fact is that some of us just need to get rid of our anger in some way.. And I understand that – Because Rammstein has always said good things about Oomph! while they’ve said some not too nice things about Rammstein.. And if they’re really that much against Rammstein’s stereotype play, then they should join this certain Rammstein dancing with Nazis-blog on raumfahrer.wordpress.com and make some friends.. And I must admit that I find it hard to believe that none of Oomph!’s hardcore fans have talked shit about Rammstein – I really find it hard to believe.. Of course if you like both Oomph! and Rammstein, then you won’t talk shit about any of them.. But if you only like one of them, then some shit will leave your mouth sometimes.. Like in this case..

    At last but not least, then think of the irony – Oomph! is the band with the most “commercial” sound/lyrics/style and the least success while Rammstein is the band with the least “commercial” sound/lyrics/style and the most success.. I really wonder why..? Anyway, I’m not going to judge Oomph! too much since I’ve only heard a couple of songs with them.. I don’t want to offend their fans too much either.. But the pure fact is that I’m a diehard Rammstein-fan and that not even Oomph!’s (or for that matter Laibach’s) criticism of Rammstein will change my mind the slightest about them 😉

  23. It’s just like Soundgarden and Pearl Jam. While Soundgarden came first, and paved the way for Pearl Jam, Pearl Jam became vastly more popular and in the long run more enduring. Chris Cornell helped launch Eddie Vedder’s career with his side project Temple of the Dog. Neither singer outshone the other on the single Hunger Strike, but without it who knows what would have happened. Similarly Soundgarden had a wider range of sounds than Pearl Jam as well. I don’t really think that because one band may be better than the other it makes the other necessarily bad.


  25. yo simplemente digo que rammstein es mejor y no importan los comentarios de los demas, cada quien tiene su forma de pensar. Y RAMMSTEIN no es una copia de oomph, RAMMSTEIN tiene sus propias ideas

  26. Ok, first off, you people need to learn to understand what he's saying. By saying that R+ plays with stereotypes, he means more stuff like what "Bück Dich" is about. In that case, the entire band of Oomph! does not agree with their views. Oomph! doesn't like the idea of a stereotype in any way. On their site they make it very clear that they're intolerant of intolerance.

    He never claimed to be better than Rammstein, just that he doesn't care for their point of view on certain topics.

    And wtf is up with comments like "their singer can't dance?" neither can I, so get over it.

    Look I like both bands (favoring Oomph! for the wider selection of sounds, but still like R+ for their sounds), ya know they're different bands with different sounds.

    To them, this isn't a competition. Rammstein just got lucky in nailing a contract with a L.A. based record company, who gave them a US release. Oomph! was formed and playing shows and releasing albums prior to when R+ was.

  27. I don't think Flux's comments should be takes so seriously.

    And I for one, like both bands. EGADS.

    Though I prefer Oomph!, you don't see me, or most Oomph! fans talking shit about Rammstein like the R+ fans on here are of Oomph!. Seriously, you make R+ fans all look like assholes. Goog going, guys >.<

  28. I wouldn't necessarily say that their fame came from being better so much as it was from their marketing strategies. Oomph! doesn't release their albums or anything to the US and they've only ever played one show here back in '93. Where as Rammstein basically releases their stuff world-wide and has toured all over the place.

    Personally its not an argument of whose better than the other (because I love them both). Its just a matter of seeing that they can't really compared. The only similarities they really have are that they both fall into the NDH genre, but they are still very different even in that respect.

  29. i dare say that R+ is more famous because they are better. having never listened to oomph before this post i must say i am unimpressed compared to R+. they are quite good in their own sphere, however, for my own taste R+ supersedes anything i have heard thus far from oomph. if taken out of context, flux's comments should be disregarded, yet, insult is the greatest form of flattery…

  30. the way till sings its cool and really rocks dont forget the voice of richard its weird but at the same time awesome like asche zu asche but i prefer Dero's voice because he makes so many changes inm his voice anyway i admit that rammstein is more famous that OOMPH!,also rammstein talks about OOMPH! with such respect and i admire that

  31. Flux doesn't sound arrogant at all. He's just answering the questions as they've been posed.

    Who came first, Oomph! or Rammstein?

    Obviously Oomph! did. Nothing offensive about that. Then he says that in Rammstein's earlier time Oomph! helped them out. They went their separate ways, and Rammstein talks nicely about their band. How can that be misunderstood?

    The stereotype thing is probably in reference to Rammstein's love of controversy. They play with GERMAN sterotypes. They do things just to make a buzz. Dero (the singer from Oomph!) has mentioned Till's use of what's known as "ugly German" when he sings. This is the type of speech that many identify Hitler and the Nazi party with.

    Oomph! is VERY anti-Nazi anything. And I know, Rammstein is too. However, Oomph! strongly disagrees with Rammstein's use of Leni Riefenstahl's imagery in their video for "Stripped". Granted, it's meant to be art, but you have to take Germany's history into consideration and realize that it is still quite a touchy topic. Oomph! thinks that Rammstien took that point too far. Rammstein themselves have also realized this fact as mentioned in an interview with Till.

    I'm a very big Rammstein fan, and have been for about 9 years now. I've known about Oomph! for roughly 6 years and can maintain an unbiased appreciation for both bands separately. You have to realize that there is a difference between cliches and stereotypes. Oomph! uses a lot of cliches in their music, (sex and religion) which works for them. They do it in a really great way that still sounds unique. They've made the style their own. Rammstein DO play off of stereotypes a lot. They try to put up this image of very powerful, grandiose people. (Anybody who has seen an interview with them knows their not) But that's the image they use on stage and the image that people see. The German stereotype of over-bearing power.

    If you don't like one band or the other, then fine. But to completely misinterpret something a native German speaker said in English and say "Omogmgomg i used to liek Oomph but dey fukkin suck man!! how dare they talk shit about R+++++" Then see ya later, lord knows Oomph! won't miss you. They appreciate their fans who appreciate their music, and they personally let us know on a regular basis.

  32. i go for the music. i have listened to oomph and for me there is no comparison…rammstein is much better for my taste. i would not buy oomph music or pay to see them…i would R+.

  33. Well i can answer honestly and say that i would go for the music and not for the fire show. Thats like an added bonus.

  34. simple without OOMPH! there is no Rammstein, Flux has the reason in some parts because OOMPH! never used a fire show to gain fame in a concert like rammstein they just need in a concert their personality and im not saying that rammstein its just famous for using fire in their shows yes they are an amazing band they got great songs and ideas and also they got a great show but when you go to a concert of rammstein you should ask yourself this:

    am i going to their concert to listen their music?

    or am i going to their concert to watch their fire show?

  35. Since there is, there exists only look at people's thinking is different. My favorite RAMMSTEIN. OOMPH also like to listen to the songs, it does not have any bias

  36. I don’t think his statement was meant to insult Rammstein in anyway. Maybe journalist misinterpreted his words, because it would be unwise to say that, to make fans go ‘STFU LOSERS’ or something like that, considering the fact that many German industrial fans, like me, love both bands.

    However, comments that they copy Rammstein are idiotic. Honestly.
    You can’t deny Oomph!’s 20 years of musical history and industrial revolution they did. Why blame a great band when it finally decided to go commercial after a long run?
    Don’t forget that Rammstein is also commercial. Less poppy, I agree, but commercial.
    Oomph’s vocals are way better. Everyone who has musical hearing can tell, wider range, voice control and so on.
    Till’s voice is, no doubt, really original. Instantly recognizable. Like old Nightwish’s Tarja.
    The weight of music is a matter of taste. It’s incomparable which is better.
    What is definite – Rammstein is better lyrically. These musicians are so damn creative, and this band carries probably the best ideas in the world, while Oomph! uses really too many cliches.

    And don’t bash me for my opinion, my favorite industrial band is Eisbrecher anyway 🙂

  37. I do like some of Oomph! music but nothing as near as KMFDM or Rammstein. Oomph is often referenced as the revolutionnary Tanz Metal band (as they don't play like others bands) but that doesn't make them better in any way.

    Oomph! is an older band and began way before Rammstein but Rammstein was able to sell albums and play concerts all over the world, which is an achievement compared to many bands.

    I do remember reading that Rammstein members said others band were their first source of inspiration (as you primary can't create music from scratch… you take whatever suit you best), and Oomph! and KMFDM where probably two of those bands… but Rammstein was able to set appart from that group.

    Those three groups plays very different music but I won't argue about the fact that Rammstein is highly superior to Oomph! in term of music quality and power.

    I don't know at all about what Flux said about R+ stereotypes but he must have been in a crappy day to say such crap in my opinion.

  38. till is one of a kind. i have never heard another voice like his…only peter steele from type o negative comes close, but the styles of music are so different they each stand unique and impressive. till is the best though:)

  39. HEY a lot of oomph fans like rammstein too (like me but rammstein is always the best)

    i swear that they say rammstein are like them but there lead singer Dero tries to growl like Till and he fails at it. so flux should not be talking shit about rammstein. fuck them. i friggian like their music and they fucking go and diss my fav band fuck buying their cds i'm fucking downloading their shit (and only the good shit which doesn't measure an inch up to btw) rammstein


    (Till can)

  40. he honestly comes off as a pompous, self-absorbed ass. That's a good sign your art is god awful.

    Not one to simply say "R+ ROXORZZZZZZZ" I decided to actually listen to a few Oomph songs. They sound like Rammstein and AFI had a baby…an ugly baby. Every song I listened to by them has this really awful, stereotypical poppy synthesizer beat. Plus their singer seemingly lacks the ability to sing in other tone then this kinda nasally but ultimately wimpy rasp (Think Till Lindemann if you tore his balls off).

    And wtf is he talking about, with stereotypes? They wrote a song called "Gott ist ein popstar". Basically, anti-religion (I'm an atheist BTW)… oh wow Flux, you guys are SO progressive and thoughtful!

    So it was just as I suspected. He's a crappy, pretentious, self-absorbed artist who plays for the German equivalent of Green Day.

    Plus he looks Maynard James Keenan from Tool if he didn't eat or go out into the sun for two weeks.

  41. he said Rammstein play with sterotypes and he said if he played with sterotypes he could not see his face in the mirror next morning………… really why said that is cause hes scared of that stuff and fire.

  42. I've always known they're not too keen on Rammstein. They prefer smaller live shows without distracting pyros. That's their way of performing their music. I'm a fan of OOMPH! and I let them have their own opinion. While Rammstein's been in coma I've been listening to OOMPH! a lot. They're great with their fans, too. I had chats with them online and they're great and hilarious guys.

  43. fuck oomph with those kind of comments u can see that they want to be like Rammstein but they just cant… rammstein imitation poor guy

  44. And they use fire. i dont see any fire.. Rammstein is the orginal and Oompha is the copy. I dont think Rammstein imitate any band.. Rammstein have own ideas.

  45. they really hate it that Rammstein are more famous then them 😀

    such suckers. i have not heard a single oomph song that sounds like a rammstein song. not one.

  46. what is he talking about “play with stereotypes”? there is nothing ordinary about R+…an unfortunate thing for him to say.


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