Flake’s replacement suffered an accident


As you already know from our news, Flake was replaced by Alf Ator. The reason was that Flake had some health problems, probably a throat infection. Now it seems Rammstein keyboardist are somehow cursed. On the way to Rostock concert, Alf Ator had an accident and totaled his car on the highway. The good news is, that Alf is unhurt, only his BMW is “scratched a bit”. Please change the tires already, winter is coming!

Rammstein replacement keyboardist in car accident on way to show, source: www.thegauntlet.com


  1. Nice to see you back on track,,, i missed you in copenhagen in december 2009 but SO nice to see you at Copenhagen live in june 2010… LOVE YOU LORENTZ

  2. thank god it wasnt any REAL +rammstein+ member…as they are gods !!!!!!! bring on the new video ALLREADY jeez !!!

  3. Those google adds never fail to amaze me.. Right now I’m watching a “You are having too many accidents” just bellow this comment 😀


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