Feuer Wasser – Rammstein Vodka?

Rammstein Merchandising oHG has requested the name “VXDKA FEUER WASSER” to be registered as a trademark. The registration request was submitted on 12.DEC.2013 and has been approved and registered on 11.APR.2014.

Could this be a Vodka named FEUER WASSER (which is the title of a song from the Rosenrot album)? Will this be available at the RammsteinShop exclusively, or is it part of some new major release? Let us know what you think in the comments.

Source: German Trademark office, number 012422382


  1. If and when, I would have expected it to be a tequila – isn’t that THE Rammstein drink?

    Any way it would very much depend on price and quality.


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