This is a complete list of Emigrate videos. We have prepared a playlist with official videos and also some goodies – for example making of “Eat you alive”.

You Are So Beautiful

Premiered November 30, 2018
Duration: 4:37
Story by Richard Z. Kruspe & Bill Yukich
Directed by Bill Yukich
Produced by Bill & Zepure Yukich


Duration: 3:22
Premiere: October 19, 2018

Eat you alive

Duration: 3:40
Premiere: Friday October 24, 2014
Director: Zoran Bihac
Shooting place: Berlin

New York City

Duration: 3:54
Premiere: Thursday September 20, 2007
Director: P.R. Brown
Shooting place: New York

My World

Duration: 4:18
Premiere: Thursday August 02, 2007
Director: P.R. Brown
Shooting place: New York


    EAT YOU ALIVE,NEW YORK CITY,MY WORLD, est des musique cool et bien c’est bien chanter et bien ritemée c’es cool et trop trop cool

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