Do we have the name of the upcoming Rammstein single?


After “Verbot” and “Affenknecht“, there are two new names spreading on internet: “Seid Bereit” (English: Be Ready) and “Liebe ist für alle da” (English: There is love for everyone). This time the investigation went a bit further to provide some evidence – following domain names were registered by Rammstein management: (23.02.2009) (23.02.2009) (23.02.2009) (23.02.2009) (08.12.2008)

Information source:, danke


  1. Feuer Frei has been one of my favorite songs for years! I’m glad Rammstein is still around making good hard rock music.

  2. Good Morning just thought i would let you know that i also had a issue with this blog appearing frozen as well. Must be chimpanzees in the page.

  3. I love the new song, it’s pretty awesome

    Kind of adorable too because he says liebe ist fur alle da..nicht fur mich. 😀 awww at least that’s what i think he says O.o

  4. The single is called “Liebe ist für alle da”. I heard the song on Youtube this morning, but now it’s been removed or something like that. I’ll try to get a download link for the song.

  5. Or, perhaps the name “Seid Bereit” refers to fans need to be prepared for the new album. That’s my personal guess.

  6. God damn, you would think they would actually decide to confirm an album name! I beleive we as the fans of Rammstein are deserving and devoted enough to know the name of the #1 band’s album!

  7. A wild guess from my side would be:

    Liebe Ist Für Alle Da = The new single
    Seid Bereit = The new album

    But I’m probably totally wrong xD


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