Design a logo and win single Ich tu dir weh!


As you already know, this webpage has not really a great logo. Since we can not use the Rammstein logo and the word “Rammstein” at all in the logo, we are still looking for some suitable Affenknecht logo. Few months ago, people started to upload their submission and we are close to start the final voting. Before I choose the best uploads for the finall voting, let me stimulate you a bit.

If your design will be chosen as a new Affenknecht logo, you’ll win the single Ich tu dir weh, which will be released in January. Isn’t it great?

You can upload your designs to forum (this thread).


on or around December 25th, 2009 the thread will be closed and only the best submission will proceed to the final voting.

few days later, the best one will be chosen (not necessarily the one which won the poll – this would be just a recommendation for me) and the graphic will be reworked on this page.

When the single is released, the winner will get it for free. All question on forum, please.