Death Mask Procession in London

The website as announced that Rammstein is staging a ‘Death Mask Procession’ at London’s O2 Arena, on next Friday (February 24th).

Death Mask Procession
Death Mask Procession

There will be offered 100 death masks to the first 100 participants that arrive at the event, as well as candles and facepaint.

Alongside the procession, there will also be a contest for the participants who have a ticket for the O2 Arena concert. The winners will be given a copy of the album Made in Germany 1995-2011 and a pair of tickets to attend a Meet & Greet with the band. The holders of the five best banners brought to the procession will be elected the winners of the contest.

This procession is scheduled to take place before the concert, at 5:30 pm. More details here.


  1. I was there… It DID happen but it wasn’t what anyone thought it would be.. It wasn’t a march like in Berlin, no face paints or candles.. Just a REALLY bizarre photo shoot with everyone holding their banners. They gave out death masks of every band member but they SO didn’t give out 100, it looked more like 50-60.. They actually ran out. I was REALLY lucky and got the very last one, a GIANT Till mask (the only giant one there). There were better banners there than some of the ones that won the meet and greets (mine included), but what can you do? The whole thing was.. Bizarre…. There were professional photographers there but i haven’t seen the actual evidence of the whole thing ANYWHERE yet.. So, so strange. I felt really uncomfortable doing it tbh.. Ahh the things you do for German men haha


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