[April Fools] Colaboration with Jared Leto


Some hours ago, the following tweet was published on Jared Leto’s Official Twitter feed (which was already deleted):

Jared Leto's tweet

According to an undisclosed source known to Affenknecht, Jared and Rammstein are going to colaborate on a new song, which will be recorded in late summer in a studio in Los Angeles. It should be used as a promo single for the upcoming DVD.

Jared and Till met in Berlin in February, when Till attended the 30 Seconds to Mars concert at O2 World Arena. Also according to our source, this was the event that spawned such collaboration.

UPDATE (2/4/2014): There is no colaboration with Jared Leto. This post was part of an international prank on April fools, in which many fansites participated. The tweet included in this article is fake 🙂



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