Anders Friden (IN FLAMES) thinks it’s important to release full-length albums


In a new interview with DJ Force X of TotalRock, IN FLAMES frontman Anders Fridén talks about why it’s important for him and his bandmates to still release full-length albums rather than focusing on singles:

“I grew up on that. That’s how I listen to music. I understand you have to adapt to the situation we’re in, and I understand that a lot of people listen to music on streaming services. You listen to 15 seconds of a song and say, “That’s not for me,” and move on. But you can’t judge an artist by 15 seconds, you have to give it time.

Who knows what will happen in the future, but for me the album is extremely important. At least, that’s how I want to represent this band. And what others are doing is fine.

In a way, we’re working just as hard on one song as we are on the next, as we are on the 13th, whatever. And when you’re working on an album, maybe the 13th song doesn’t get as much attention as you’d like because it’s the last one. But that doesn’t matter – it’s the album that matters to me.

I understand why some people only want to do singles. But that’s not our way.


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