1. Hey, guys, this artwork is 100% fan-made, I saw it at a brazilian Rammstein website. The owner of the site just made that to put something next to the news about the next single being Ich Tu Dir Weh. Trust me and I can bet with anyone: This is not the artwork.

  2. The fact Rammstein is not written in the rammstein font says its a fake to me (and a shit fake – that fucking gives it away!)

  3. I agree with ‘Vier’ and will go for the black&white one as well. Even ‘Rammstein’ isn’t spelled in the regular Rammstein-font.

  4. Personally I agree with the comments above. I don’t really like this one either. The black and white one just looks much more Rammstein if that makes sense.

  5. The typeface seems to be different than the one used on the ‘LIFAD’ artwork. So I would say this is a fan made one? I would assume Rammstein would use their ‘LIFAD’ typeface for all their new songs.


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