Because all concerts in Europe are almost sold out at the official partners, the management of the band decided to plan new concerts for the first quarter of 2010. Additional concerts will take place in Scandinavia, Great Britain, Ireland, Russia and Germany.

As expected German includes cities: Dortmund, Erfurt, Dresden, Mannheim and Kiel. Also be advised that there will be additional concerts this year in Cologne and Berlin. The sales will begin even before the coming weekend. Stay tuned!



  1. Is it too late in the year for them to do an Irish gig? I’d absolutely love to see them live. LIFAD looked great at Rock am Ring, hope to see them in Ireland for a great concert!

  2. From NYC America We’re hopping to see u very soon in concert don’t take to long to came here We are waiting for you guy you are the first and the only one in this world .

  3. This is just to know when Rammstein will come play in Canada!?? They fuckin rock and their last album’s better than ever and we would LOVE to see them play!!!! They don’t only have fans in Europe, they have fans in America too!!!! Can’t wait to hear from you!!! ;))

  4. Rammstein MUST come come to Australia for their LIFAD tour, I know so many people including myself who want to see you live! Rammstein is my all time favourite band, you guys HAVE to tour (Please come to Perth W.A)!! Please!!!

  5. “Mike
    5:26 am on June 26th, 2009

    They are gonna do a world tour, Richard said in an interview that they will tour all across Europe and America, im just worries becuase their has been no mention of Australia yet =(”

    If thats true i’d be the Happier human being in earth, would even go to brazil, mexico…even EEUU!! if i’ve got the chance to see them EN VIVOOOO!!!

    here in ARGENTINA they would REALLY be welcome, but i can’t complain if they visit america, ANY country..

    Ich Liebe dich zu sehr!!


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