A Choir Performs “Ohne Dich” and “Stein um Stein” in Riga


Last tuesday in Riga (Latvia), a choir performed the songs “Ohne Dich” and “Stein um Stein”, minutes before the entrance of Deathstars on stage. Here are videos of the choir’s performance:


  1. Man some Rammstein fans are so fickle. I envy those who got to see this, especially right before they saw Rammstein!

  2. I thought the choir versions were beautiful. It’s not meant to be compared to Till’s special flair. I think the choir version has its own unique flavor that can definitely be appreciated.

  3. Rammstein and Apocalyptica to tour again would be something superb –
    This time Till could perform ‘Helden’ with them – Now that my friends is – BREATH-TAKING 😀 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Apparently the choir has a thing for performing Rammstein songs. Personally I don’t care for it. Rammsteins songs aren’t up to par to be performed by a choir. To many weaknesses of their songs show up. Rammstein themselves acknowledges that they don’t have the best musical skills. I find their songs are best sung by themselves with the flair of dark and craziness.

    BTW, here is my German translation. I adjusted it a bit so it makes more sense.

    Letzten Dienstag hat ein Chor die Lieder “Ohne Dich” und “Stein um Stein” zur Eröffnung des Konzerts von Deathstars und Rammstein in Riga (Lettland) aufgeführt.
    Hier sind die Videos von ihrer Aufführung:

  5. No Rammstein song sounds perfect – without TILL’s Legendary rolling-powerfull-thundering voice…..sorry I’m not buying it lol!

    ‘Stein Um stein’ is ruined here lol!!!!!

    It makes me think – what kinda band would Rammstein Be without Till?????

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