2012 Dates Unvealed!

New dates for 2012 are already available at the official site of Rammstein. More 18 shows are confirmed for the months of February and March. The tickets pre-sale will start on July 8th 2011. The confirmed list of shows is the following:

06/02/2012 – Kaunas, Lithuania – Zalgiris Arena
07/02/2012 – Riga, Latvia – Arena
10/02/2012 – Moscow, Russia – Sport Complex Olympiski
13/02/2012 – S. Petersburg, Russia – Sport Concert Complex
15/02/2012 – Helsinki, Finland – Hartwall Areena
17/02/2012 – Stockholm, Sweden – Ericsson Globe Arena
19/02/2012 – Oslo, Norway – Vallhall
21/02/2012 – Copenhagen, Denmark – Forum
22/02/2012 – Herning, Denmark – Jyske Bank Boxen
24/02/2012 – London, UK – The O2 Arena
25/02/2012 – Birmingham, UK – LG Arena
27/02/2012 – Dublin, Ireland – The O2
29/02/2012 – Newcastle, UK – Metro Arena
01/03/2012 – Manchester, UK – MEN Arena
02/03/2012 – Nottingham, UK – Capital FM Arena
04/03/2012 – Rotterdam, Netherlands – Ahoy
06/03/2012 – Paris, France – Bercy
08/03/2012 – Antwerp, Belgium – Sportpaleis

There are also five additional concerts for Germany, and one new show for Croatia (these ones are booked for 2011). Confirm all these dates here (in English). We invite everybody to discuss/celebrate these news in our new forum.


  1. yep ill will double up when they comeback to the U.S.Which they will since they sold out ever show on the north american tour.

  2. I bought my ticket for HU show, I’m freakin’ happy. 🙂

    I don’t understand why say people that “R+ won’t come to X”. We have only few new dates, I’m sure that they will make an Asian tour later. Who lives in Scottland can not trave to Ireland or UK? I don’t know what about your possibilities. I’m sure that I will travel to Zürich, Wien or something nearly city if they will make some new date for this cities (I wanted to travel to Zürich in december, but all of the ticket have been already sold out).

  3. bout god dam time been waiting for them to come back to uk i thort that was it thank you rammstein you are god

  4. awwwwwww, same as last time…a ‘uk tour’ that doesnt include scotland 🙁 come to scotland again guys we love you!

  5. Aww no Asian tour, as usual.. Ever since 2005, when Till broke his ankle at Sweden show and cancelled their schedule to Korea, they’re never coming back 🙁 They alreay visited Japan & Hong Kong several time, but hey, why not Korea?

  6. I was prepared to go in major debt to travel across the pond to see them in 2010 in fear they were not going to tour again. THANK GOD they are going to be doing a lot of dates in your region! I would give ANYTHING as an American native to shed all the b.s. here to go be in Europe and see R+ in as many countries as I could. They are at so many more dates than they did in the USA.(a blessing of gross proportions) I just love these guys!

  7. I think Scotland might very well get left out of this tour. So far there is no dates for Scotland, Greece, Italy, Spain or Portugal.

  8. typical as usual….2009 “Uk tour” consisted of 3 English dates
    this time theres 5 English dates and one Irish date…..what about Scotland?
    last time Rammstein where in Scotland was 5 years ago


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