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  • This post has been posted today, it only can be seen from Spain I think, when I shared it it showed a message about it.

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    • ^We had the exact same post in Belgium, Maya, only with as date the 19th.

      And no digital version was mentioned for Belgium, only the other 4.
      Dort wo der Horizont
      Sich mit dem Meer verbindet
      Dort wollt' ich auf dich warten
      Auf das du mich dort findest


      • ^ I wonder why different formats in different locations? That makes no sense. I just don't understand why they don't release it everywhere in each format. I mean...I will just order from Germany if I've got to have the deluxe one.

        Except...I will have to order other stuff to make the shipping cost worthwhile.

        Maybe that's it...they want more of our money. :P


        • It's weird having iTunes Belgium, I wonder why

          The links are from Amazon, so I don"t think they'll get more money.


          • I just checked. There is a release date for Denmark: June 22nd.
            The link goes to a Danish radio/TV-dealership-chain. I checked the cost for the super deluxe edition. Buying it from Germany, even with shipping costs, is cheaper ;-)


            • Originally posted by Snake View Post
              Looks like there is going to be some kind of stupid EP filled with remixes instead of the actual songs:
              That's really stupid. Like I'd like to hear (not to mention BUYING) several remixes of a song before hearing the original version. Do we have to wait for the album release to hear any actual songs?

              There are very stupid and weird things in this Lindemann-project. The poor album art, variety of different editions for first album (though freedom of choice is never bad), the poor audio quality / mixing of the audio teasers and now EP with only remixes of the actual song.

              Well, at least the music is decent from what we've heard.

              One thing I'm looking forward to is the first Lindemann music video. I hope it does not follow the style and quality of cover art.


              • ^I like the cover art and the other art we've seen so far, but agree that the snippet we've heard is of dubious quality, the singing is hardly audible. As for the EP, I'm not sure it's for real - yet. Only the Russian site has any mention of it, so maybe they're jumping the gun a bit?


                • I think that the "Praise Abort(ion)" single that is previewed on itunes, isn't really showing the full content that the physical CD pack will have. I believe they had a plan for this.

                  If they really are releasing a music video for "Praise Abort(ion)", they will probably release it for free on their sites (Youtube, Facebook, etc.). In that way the song can be heard for free along with it's video. However, if you want to own a version of the song, either its a mp3 or on a CD, you have to buy the album when it comes out. The single or EP is probably just an advertising product that follows with the release of the song online. The physical single might include the song, then again the physical one is probably going to be more expensive.

                  I guess this could be a clever move by the managment to make as much income through this album as possible. If all fans are fond of this idea is something else of course . This is just my theory on how they are going to do it. "Praise Abort(ion)" is a song on Skills in Pills. Releasing a single in it's name without even including the song would be really wierd.


                  • Praise Abort single is available in release date: 29th May


                    • I reckon "Praise Abort" and "Fat" are going to be in the tracklist.
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                      • Rock Hard Magazine Interview shared by Rammstein USA


                        • Well, I've just about decided to just get the damn thing from iTunes and save my money for other stuff I want. Like an Eisbrecher shirt and patch. And R+ patch. Emigrate shirt...still need one of those...


                          So many little money...


                          • Ît's always the same problem


                            • Originally posted by Maya View Post
                              Ît's always the same problem
                              Indeed. As I've said before, I wish this stuff wasn't so expensive.


                              • Two things today:

                                1. Kerrang has a rather long interview with Till Lindemann in their newest issue which is out today.

                                2. According to some German fans, Till Lindemann and Peter Tägtgren have announced three "Meet and Greet's" in Australia. Only LIFAD members can get access. Does anyone here have a LIFAD account which can verify this?
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