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  • ^Very nice smiley-love008.gif


    • I just watched the BBC documentary India's Daughter about the rape-cullture in India, and I'm so angry. What a way to regard women
      It were on YouTube a couple of days ago, but seems to have been taken down again. If you get at chance to see: DO SO! Right now I'm both very, very angry and very sad at the same time


      • @ER woooooow

        @The Rose It's outrageous, how in so many countries women are nothing.


        • I'm sure you can find that documentary in the torrents.
          "Which is better, eternal happiness or a ham sandwich? It would appear that eternal happiness is better, but this is really not so! After all, nothing is better than eternal happiness, and a ham sandwich is certainly better than nothing. Therefore a ham sandwich is better than eternal happiness."

          - Raymond M. Smullyan


          • ^I downloaded it the other day, but the full video seems to be gone. You can see it for 1more day on BBC's site:


            • Sir Terry Pratchett has died. I don't know if any of you are familiar with his books, but I can't believe how incredibly sad I am to hear this. I don't know if it's the combination of all the losses and hardships I've heard and read recently, but I'm crying and can't stop.


              • Not me, buy after what I read I should read them.

                I'm really sorry that you are feeling so bad, too much in a short time, sometimes crying has a good effect, I hope you feel better later.

                A big virtual hug for you.


                • BTW, I was searching for a minion hug and saw many minion hats like these

                  I have searched minion hat on google images and there are hundreds


                  • ^Yeah, you're probably right about lots of stuff in short time period. And I think I am just feeling very close to a burn out point in general.

                    My husband asked about maybe working out a way for the two of us to have a long weekend vacation after I graduate, which I think is a really great idea. I think if we could get away together for a bit it would really help us in lots of ways. Not sure when or how we might make that work, but I will figure it out.

                    School is getting closer to being done. Under 150 hours left in my internship. Should be done at the soonest point we are allowed, give or take a day. Group project for seminar is done and I am turning it in today. We present it tonight, and randomly the section I chose to do in the chapter relates almost directly to my current social work practice (telephonic work) so that was kind of cool. I just need the time to complete my research and write my thesis...and finish my hours...

                    Just need some space to breathe...

                    @Maya- I've seen lots of those pictures too. I need to find a decent pattern for your hat (I've decided to make them for my kids too ) and then make them. I am COMPLETELY disappointed with my attempts at making R+ patches to put on the grey hats. Absolute failure so far. I am really not sure how I'm going to do them. I'm think if I did cross stitch it might work, but I can't figure it out by crochet.


                    • ^Hope you get your weekend, three kids must be exhausting; no time for you.

                      Good luck in your presentation, I'm sure you'll do a great work. May is so close, just some more days and you 'll have more free time.

                      If you can't find it during day, wait for the night, everything is different at night. Even time is different, silence and quietness, only you.

                      Minion hats are so amazing... Tonight I will try to find it for you. There is a LIFAD member who sells hats and gloves, she has amazing creations, maybe she can inspire you.


                      • ^Thanks for making me smile

                        Also- a certain 4 legged creature in my house apparently thought black yarn is fun to eat/play with.

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                        • Mick Thomson got stabbed in the back of his head by his brother. He sustained a few rather large injuries, however he is not in a critical situation. I got really scared when I read this. I thought he might have died . Here is the article. I saw him a little over a month ago at a Slipknot concert in Oslo.

                          This happened in his homestate of Iowa. Allegedly this had something to do with a conflict between the two brothers. I hope he gets better, and resolves his animosity with his sibling. There has been given no other statements other than the fact that he will continue touring with Slipknot on their next tour dates in April and foward.

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                          • ^Damn! I still have to see this band once, so they better stay well!!! I had to cancell to go and see them next summer because I'll still be in Italy. Hope he gets well!
                            Dort wo der Horizont
                            Sich mit dem Meer verbindet
                            Dort wollt' ich auf dich warten
                            Auf das du mich dort findest


                            • Originally posted by Waidmann View Post
                              ^Damn! I still have to see this band once, so they better stay well!!! I had to cancell to go and see them next summer because I'll still be in Italy. Hope he gets well!
                              They are on a touring-spree right now, so you will probably see them in a year or something. The concert in Oslo was amazing. I will write a review about it this weekend (I never found the time to do it earlier).

                              You probably know this, but the band is going to Rock in Rome this summer. Maybe you get time to see them there?
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                              • I saw that earlier as well. From the article I read, it seemed they were likely both intoxicated, but that their injuries were not life threatening.