Mein Herz Brennt: Two Videoclips?


Despite no official confirmation regarding the Mein Herz Brennt videoclip, we already know that such video clip was produced in 2011, with Eugenio Recuenco as its director.

However, the Crew united site – an internet platform for professionals in the German speaking film and television industry – now contains information for yet another videoclip for the same song, this time recorded in 2012 and directed by Zoran Bihac (Links 2 3 4, Mein Teil and Rosenrot).

It is unknown if both videos will be released, or if the band decided to abort Eugenio Recuenco’s project and restart it with another artistic direction. It is also unknown in which place the videoclip was/will be filmed.

Many thanks to Fantasmic (a member at forums) for the discovery and sharing of this new information.


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