wells.... i dont know how to call them exactlie.

thingies in the music itself that symbolizes related things. thingies that should sound like they do =o or dunnyo how to say

its almost midnait so ill just post some i think would fit if you dont mindd:

in Der Meister, the Lauft! part sounds like actuall running to me

in Bück Dich, the keyboard thingie after the second and third chorus sounds like its going down, or bending down

the long part at the beginning of Spiel Mit Mir might symbolize waiting and not being able to sleep or some thingie =o

the main guitar riff thingie of Rein Raus goes up and down, like if it goes in and out =o

the main guitar riff thingie in Keine Lust sounds pretty simple, and "lazy" =o, and the "mir ist kalt" parts sounds very cold, and actually can give me chills too if thats how to sai. it also might sound pretty "lazy" too, particularly the keyboard thingie

well cyass KITTEH =3.PNG gud nait