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[Spoilers] The Made in Germany Tour 2013 Reviews Thread

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  • [Spoilers] The Made in Germany Tour 2013 Reviews Thread

    BARCELONA 14/4/2013

    Before show

    I arrive at the venue (Palau Sant Jordi) at around 1:30 after dropping my stuff off in the hotel. There was already a good 300 people queuing to get in. The following 5 hours of waiting was absolute agony (I'm currently writing this review with the mother of all sunburns) with not a cloud in the sky and the temperature at 25ºC. Around 5:00, one of the security guys starts walking up and down the queue telling people that they were going to be letting us in an hour earlier than what was on the tickets, so he was telling us to throw away our bottles of water ... we didn't end up going in early, and now we had the wait without water either. 7:00 finally came around and we were let in, I was sprinting in to get as close to the front as possible.


    After a somewhat sub par Dj set by Joe Letz (I liked the songs but he came across as too arrogant for me to enjoy his set), the rest of the stage gets blocked off by a curtain. At 9:00, The show begins

    -Intro/Ich Tu Dir Weh: The curtain pulls open to reveal 5 of the 6 band members with Till no where to be seen. the entire stage is flooded in smoke and blue lights as the band just stand there in silence ... And then, *BANG*, Pyro going off to the intro beat of Ich Tu Dir Weh. this repeats a couple of times as more instruments get added as it goes on (the main sample, guitars, ...). Once the main riff of the song kicks in, Sparks rain down from the top of the stage on to where Till would usually be standing, I look up in confusion, and get one hell of a surprise.

    As the band continues to play the main riff of the song, Till get's lowered right down to the stage (the intro is obviously a call back to Live Aus Berlin) complete with a fluffy pink jacket. They perform the rest of the song as it appears on the album, which disapointed me somewhat, since I wished they would have performed the stunt from the last tour on this song.

    -Wollt Ihr Das Bett In Flammen Sehen: A good old song I've been looking forward to seeing live Ever since they reintroduced it into their setlist in 2011. The part of the crowd I was in absolutely exploded when the main riff kicked in, everyone was jumping, headbanging, singing along, etc. This song was also the first song in the set to include fire, which was shooting out of the stage towards the end of the song amidst the chants of "RAMMSTEIN!".

    -Keine Lust: With more or less the same live show that Rammstein have been using for the past 4 years (with the Co2 jets, sing along sections, same colour lights) there's not much I can really say about Keine Lust, other than it's Keine Lust

    -Sehnsucht: Once again, it it is the same live show that Rammstein have been been using on this song since they started the MIG tour, but that said, it is still a very energetic song and got all the crowd in my section moving. One new effect that was added on was the red-coloured spark things (that Rammstein had been using on Waidmanns Heil during the LIFAD tour) dropping from the top of the stage just before the quiet section.

    -Asche Zu Asche: Same as above, same show that they have been using on the tour up to now, Including the extended outro.

    -Feuer Frei: Aside from the amount of noise made by the crowd the instant the intro kicked in, it the same show they've been doing for years now.... and it's still just as awesome as ever. Also, the first transluscent cell thing backdrop fell down right after this song to reveal a more industrial looking one (images of sheets of metal with giant scratches through them, kind of like Richards Signature guitar).

    -Wiener Blut: Even though I saw the rehearsel setlist, at first, I thought they were going to be playing mutter instead of Wiener Blut (the sample sounded so much like the sample they used on Mutter), but aside from the band skipping the Gramophone intro, the song played very much like it did on the LIFAD tour, albeit without the laser babies or the pyro during the solo.

    -Mein Teil: There's not really much I can say about Mein Teil. It's the same show they put on for the last leg of the tour, and it's still just as awesome ... I get the feeling alot of the songs from this show can be summed up like this.

    -Mein Herz Brennt (Piano version): Probably the one of the highlights of the set for me, Flake came down to play on a rag-time looking piano, and not the grand piano that seemed to be in the preview video. Practically everyone in the venue was singing along with Till through out the whole song. Also, the light cross/box began to rise up during this song.

    -Benzin: Really happy seeing this song return for the current leg of the tour, it's probably my favourite song of off Rosenrot. Show is the same as the LIFAD tour, with the petrol pump, lighting the "fan" on fire, etc.

    -Du Riechst So Gut: Same show that they have been using on the tour up to now. Although, the intro sample went on for twice as long, which caught me off guard for a moment, and there was no special effect during the solo (no flaming guitars or the fire sleev things)

    -Links, 2, 3, 4: Once again, the same thing that Rammstein has been doing for years. The false start they performed on the intro though completely caught everyone off guard, Just as the intro riff was about the kick in, the explosions go off, and all the lights then just go off. I was just there thinking "Electric go out or something", then out of no where, the band kicks right into the main riff, catching everyone by surprise. The cross/box of lights behind the stage begins to unfold intro the cross during this song.

    -Du Hast: It's the same great sing-a-long of a song Rammstein has been performing for years, with the same stage show they were using on the last leg of the MIG tour, including the flamethrowers aimed at the band, and the fireworks running down the wire. This is also the first song where Rammstein used the Flamethrowers hidden in between the front row of Speakers and the stage, and it's also the point I realised how fucking hot fire is.

    -Rammstein: After reading the Rehearsel show review, I'm sure this is the thing that all Rammstein fans were looking forward to at the show, since it was explained so badly, and after seeing it live, it is the most badass thing I've ever had the chance to see live. Both Richard and Paul have Flamethrowers mounted to the front of their guitars ( a bit hard to see, but you can see the flamethrower attached to Pauls guitar in the pic below), they then take in turns shooting flames in rythm to the song, all while playing the guitar. It ends with Till ushering the crowd to sing the start of the frist verse, before going "fuck that, it's time for ...".

    -Buck Dich: For this song, the entire band (aside for Schneider) move down to the front of the stage to play the song as if the were doing it on the B-Stage from the last leg. During the Second chorus, as Till is humping Flake, the are slowly being lifted into the air on a scissor lift, before Till starts squirting all over the crowd from like 4 metres up. The most amazing thing about this is how while all this is going on, Flake is still playing he keyboard while on all fours. The song ends with Till smashing Flakes keyboard on the stage.

    -Ohne Dich: Probably the worst song in the set for me. Played the same way it was during the Volkerball DVD, without the falling sparks.

    -Sonne: After a short encore break, which felt like an eternity, the band return to the stage with the mother of all head bang songs. The intro felt odd, as it felt like Schneider was going to be doing the drum solo intro, as he was counting it in, but the all of a sudden, counting. And what's to be said about Sonne, It's fucking Sonne, if you aren't headbanging during this song, you aren't human. After the quiet bit, the cross in the back of the stage set alight and stays a light for the rest of the song (there was no fire shooting from the stage during the final chorus). Also, at the end, it appeared they were having some trouble extinguishing the fire on the cross, as security from the front of the stage were beind pulled away to help extinguish it (I'm guessing the extinguishers on the cross didn't come on properly, since if you look at videos, you can see they are on for the top arm, but are all off on the rest of it).

    -Ich Will: Once again, the same thing that Rammstein has been doing for years. Throughtout the first half of the performance, there were security guys trying to extinguish the cross (if you look in the videos on youtube, you can see the cross gets lowered and people with extinguishers rushing it trying to get rid of the fire).

    -Pussy: Still the same performance Rammstein have been doing since the song was first put in the setlist, but the confetti during the final chrous was white this time instead of red, yellow and black. The song ends and all the band come to the front to say their goodbyes, and then leave the stage. The crowd still holding out for "Te Quiero Puta" by chanting it, but the lights then come on, and it's over.

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    [SPOILERS] Made in Germany 2013 Tour Reviews

    I want them all together... so I think it's a good idea to create a thread for your amazing reviews.


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      Can I take this review to Rammstein USA? We're collecting reviews for all shows. With full credit to you of course
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        Wow looks like I am missing an amazing show
        The saying is "You dont know what you have got till its gone" the truth is "You know what you had, you just did not know you would lose it" !!


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          MADRID 21/4/2013 by Maya

          Following RBF desires, this is my awful review. I'm sure you have read many and all of them are more or less the same, so I have tried to write something different. With my shitty English, here it is...


          I’m a terrible writer, so I don’t know a good way to begin this review. I’m going to write a storm of thoughts, probably in a chaotic way... you can stop reading now or when you get bored.

          The pics aren’t mine, only one. you can find the source for each one below the photo..

          After such a long time dreaming with this day, one week before I realised it was very near and with that thought my nerves began. I had read about the rehearsal in BBM and after the Barcelona concert my head was full of dreams, images and the experiences of others, who shared it. I was waiting for more in Lisbon, but they didn’t write long reviews, just short comments except for one or two exceptions. The days came very slowly, but suddenly it was Friday (Bilbao’s gig) and after an almost non sleeping night, came Saturday, a very special day, maybe you are thinking why? the concert was on Sunday, but that day a plane brought Snake and as you can guess, I was looking forward his visit.

          Next day, finally it was Sunday; I wanted to be in the firsts rows, but I didn’t feel very good so there was a change of plans, we weren’t there early, but went for a walk. We were discussing if there would be a long queue or not, while we were near the venue, so we went to take a look and Snake won the discussion, there were many people queuing already. Outside the venue I saw something that made me laugh, many hours before the gig our firefighters were ready for Rammstein. xD

          There was a fire in 2001 and the venue ended in ruins. The actual one was built in the same place and it has part of the previous structure. Of course, Rammstein didn’t provoke that fire but for sure Firefighters didn’t want a second fire. Jajajajajajajajajajajaja

          We went round the building and saw the emergency team was there too (ambulances, police), some Black Box Music trucks and a big generator in the back. No Rammstein-shop truck, it didn’t come to Iberia, I would have loved to see it. We went to the ticket office but it was closed, so we couldn’t change the tickets at that moment.

          Photos by Pedro Ramm Stein (Rammstein España)

          It was before lunch, and all the place was full of fans already, the venue is located at the extreme of a long square. There are many places in both sides of the square where you can have a beer or whatever you want seating outside, it was a hot day and wherever you look at, you could see Rammfans, happy people celebrating with anticipation the Rammstein party that will take part later.

          This pics of course show the place empty.

          We went to have a drink and visited the Retiro, a big park in the centre of Madrid, another sea of Rammstein T-shirts. Madrid was ready for Rammstein. We had lunch and after went to change the tickets, I’m glad of this, because now we have a beautiful one, the pdf has no charm.

          Photo: Rammstein Argentina https://fbcdn-sphotos-f-a.akamaihd.n...32283429_n.jpg

          And then, the big question, which gate? We could choose and the queues were very very long,

          Photos: Rammstein Argentina

          We decided for Goya’s, it’s supposed for seats but they use to allow the entrance to the standing pit too. I think this was the slowest queue ever, they opened late and people were going in the venue very, very slowly, my nerves were increasing quickly. When we finally went in, the standing pit had plenty of people, but the seats were almost empty, I imagine some were queuing and the others having more drinks, after weeks of rains the sun was back in Madrid. And many people disliked the opening act.

          We didn’t have to wait much for Joe, he was the worst of the gig for me. Maybe you have read it here before, I hate remixes. I hadn’t anything against the guy, but I would have preferred no opening act at all, the torture began and the time went by very slowly, I think I enjoyed a maximum of 20 seconds, before the crimes, the beautiful songs I love destroyed, if we made a comparison with paintings, what would you think if somebody paint over The sunflowers (Van Gogh) or El Guernica (Picasso)? For me it’s the same.

          This image went round the world, I think it says it all. (Photo:rtve)

          When he began with his “Fuck the DJ, we want Rammstein” I began to wonder if he would leave faster if I repeat it, so I did it once, and luckily he left.

          The fangirl was shouting inside my head, Rammstein, Rammstein!!! And then we found the first surprise, we were going to have a different intro. The stage looked like this.

          Source: Rammstein Argentina

          Most of the seats were occupied then. And suddenly without notice, the music resounded with all it’s strength, no pyro, no smoke, only lights, and through the cloth we could see them. I think my heart stopped with emotion for a moment. With the main riff, pyro effects appeared, the cloth fell down and Till began to descend from the top of the stage, if I hadn’t had spoilers I think I would have been stunned for the first three songs, but fortunately I had and just laughed. Using words of those who know how to write:

          “Un peluche rosa desciende desde lo alto del escenario, Espinete sin púas del rock industrial ario caído del cielo ante el desconcierto generalizado.” (Rolling Stone:

          "A pink fluffy descends from above the stage, Aryan Industrial Rock’s Espinete without spines fallen from the sky facing the general confusion. " (shitty translation by me)

          ESPINETE Image:

          Till Lindemann. FOTO: Pablo Nicenboim (Rolling Stone)
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            Well, everybody knows the setlist and effects, this is already very long, so I’m going to be concise. After we enjoyed WIDBIFS, I love this song and the change in the effects, Keine Lust and Sehnsucht, the energy was in the atmosphere, and the time was going by very, very quick, I realised it at this point, and of course it was hot. But as always I have my essential for gigs, a hand fan, Rammstein should sell them, a success without doubt. I take one with me during all the year, but for gigs I take more than one, I know that without it, I won’t survive and less to Rammstein.

            AzA, Feuer Frei, the venue atmosphere was getting better. and when it ended Snake said there’s a change, it should be Wiener Blut!!!, and I felt my heart was jumping again, what would be the changes? I began to dream quickly, but Rammstein didn’t stop, Till was cooking Flake seconds later, there was a change in the order, it seemed there were going to be the same songs, but hope remained until the end.

            I have read the public in Madrid was great, and it was, but not as I expected. In one of the lasts gigs I went there, I thought the venue was going to collapse, I expected the same, but this time it was far from that. With DRSG, I felt a change in public again, and then I looked round and saw how crowded it was, I hadn’t noticed it, I was feeling the music and trying to catch each second.

            Source: Once again Rammstein Argentina

            As I said here, I was dreaming with the return of Rammstein intro before Bück Dich, but we weren’t lucky. It came back, but not in Madrid After Ich Will, came the encore, the break was very, very quick, no time to rest or talk. At this moment the hot was terrible. And then MHB … wow, the piano version is amazing live, everybody was singing with Till, I loved it. And then Sonne, OMG, fucking amazing, I love the song and the effects and I knew it was ending so I began to try to stop the time, but of course I couldn’t stop it, soon a girl asked me the time (she was trying to calculate when it would end, of course expecting a longer gig), I told her with sadness “this is the last one”, we were with Pussy, a girl was taken out of the crowd, Sonne had been too much for her, the crew took care of her and minutes later the show finished. They were saying goodbye, with Till’s words “¡Madrid, puta madre, increíble, muchas gracias!” the gig ended and with it the short dream of seeing them live again.

            Source: Rammstein Mexico

            Source: Rammstein Mexico

            A long wait for a very short gig (90 minutes), for me it went so quick that I got the impression they were in a hurry for leaving, I enjoyed each second of the gig, except for Joe Letz, we weren’t in a very good place and the oceans of mobiles and cameras were a hell for short people like me, but I saw enough, I danced and sang too much (rain came back :P), an amazing gig in an awesome company. Now the only thing I can say is “I want more Rammstein, it wasn’t enough”
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              ^ lovely review Maya. <3
              it may have been a shot concert, but at least you got to see them.


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                No doubt, but I want a replay

                I would like to go to at least one or two more.


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                  Their show was so cool!!!!!!!!!!!
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                    I hope to see them in concert this year too!
                    steve barbarich


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                      ^ You shouldn't expect them to be touring for a couple of years. They've just come off a long tour and taking a rest before they'll start working on new material. So not before that's done should we expect to see them on the roads again.