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    I did not realize where to publish my questioning. It's more of a technical question regarding the board, so sorry if "Off topic" is the false area.

    My name is Marcos and I am 28 years old. I have been reading on for a few days and now I made the decision to participate.

    Let us stop the smalltalk ... my question is if there is a possibility to receive brand-new posts via feed? I love reading new posts of my favorite blogs with Awasu so it would be awesome to also be able to check what is going on at in my reader.

    It would be amazing if you could send me the url to the feed. Thanks!

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    I can't answer that, but i would like to welcome you, I hope you participate here in the forum.


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      Welcome to the forum, hope we will see a lot of you here.
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        Hello and welcome

        I think what you want is this:

        You can find the link for each language in the sidebar of the corresponding site, right under the "recent album" and "recent single" images.
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