Rammstein Mein Herz brennt piano version video

The music video for the piano version of the song premiered on 7 December 2012 via Vimeo. It was filmed in the main bathroom of Beelitz-Heilstätten, and was directed by Zoran Bihac. This is Bihac’s fourth collaboration with the band, previously directing the videos for Links 2-3-4, Mein Teil and Rosenrot. The video features singer Till Lindemann wearing a black dress and fishnets, while also sporting black and white face paint. The entire bathroom is lite red, and in the centre is a ‘T’ shaped pool emitting light. The video consists of close-ups on Lindemann singing from behind the pool, until the second verse begins, where he begins to walk to the pool’s foot. As the song closes, Lindemann walks into it and its light fades. The music video for the piano version of the song is the first to feature only Lindemann since Mutter.


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