Rammstein Verbot – is it the first single?

Rammstein Verbot Single Cover

While the band still works on the fine-tuning of the upcoming album, preparations for the release of the first single are at full speed. We are happy to introduce the cover of “VERBOT” to you. The first single from the upcoming Rammstein-Album, still to be named, will be released on 8. May 2009. The video for “VERBOT” was partially shot in Sonoma, California, and the post-production will take place next month in Berlin.

Please be advised that this news is unconfirmed yet and probably fake as well. No official information received.

Source: thegauntlet.com, youtube.com

UPDATE: Well, a little more info has come out about the email sent to The Gauntlet that makes it more likely that the news of a new single named Verbot is indeed a hoax.

Source: Rammstein Newsletter, Johnny Last


  1. Ooh! Exciting!! Hmm, I'm not sure about the song just yet- I need to hear the vocals to know for sure! Also, where's the keyboard? 🙂

    Very very excited either way, I get all tingly and jittery everytime therse news about Rammstein! Can't wait to see em live… We love you Rammstein!

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