Rammstein on touring the U.S.

There is an interview between Maggie and Richard regarding a possible US tour :

Maggie Bloodstone: Well, first thing we would love to know is: When can we expect you in America?

Richard Kruspe: Good question. [Laughs.] Actually, we talked about it today, a lot. What we plan to do right now, is a lot of things – we’re not 20 anymore, so things have changed for us. At the moment, it looks like America is the only market where we cannot provide the same show as we play in the rest of the world. [1, see footnotes at the end of the article] So, we have to be balanced, like, what makes financial sense? One of my dreams is Madison Square Garden – just to play one show and to feel out, like, if there is a need for us, are people waiting for us, what can we do, what would be the next step? It can change, nothing is set in stone, nothing is confirmed, but we’ve talked about what’s the best thing, so the fans are happy and the band is happy. But I’m a big supporter of the American market.

You can read the whole thing here: www.sgn.org


  1. Its my guess that if they decided to schedule in more dates after the Madison Square Garden Show that the next city would obviously be Los Angeles because its the second largest city in the US.

  2. they have to come to cailfornia, this is going to be probly the only time i get to see them, they need to come to so cail :)(:

  3. It’s also my wish to see Rammstein at some point before I die, wish they’d come to California, though I’m guessing even if they do, I still might not even be able to afford it, sigh~

    Either way, Rammstein rules, and at least we’ll get new pictures and or videos from their upcoming tours..?

  4. What’s wrong with Seattle Gay News, Sam? Richard was awesome to give her an interview when she went to review the show. The show was fantastic and so was the review and the interview.

    At any rate, I do hope to see Rammstein at some point before I die.

  5. This makes me really glad that I got the chance to see Rammstein at the House of Blues in Vegas, way back in 2001. Looks like I might not get another chance unless I take another trip to Europe! I hope they do decide to come back. Even with the limited pyrotechnics, their show was incredible.

  6. I would adore if they at least played in Madison Square Garden. At least it won’t be that long of a drive from here in PA!

  7. They need to just come over to the US already! So what if they can’t bring the whole show over, I just really want to see Rammstein!

  8. Really, Seattle Gay News? Anyways, Rammstein really needs to play at least 1 show in New York, it just has to happen

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