Rammstein at Big Day Out Australia and New Zealand 2011

The Australian music festival, Big Day Out is hosting Rammstein as one of their main shows in Auckland 21st January, Gold Coast 23rd January, Sydney 26-27th January, Melbourne 30th January, Adelaide Febraury 4th and Perth Feb 6 all dates 2011, along with Rammstein, Tool and Iggy and the Stooges.

Here is a line up article on from the big day out website…

A decade since ruling over BIG DAY OUT with a reign of fire, pyrotechnics, monstrous riffs, wicked humour and industrial savagery, RAMMSTEIN will return this summer to reclaim their sovereign territory. The RAMMSTEIN live experience is “dizzyingly ridiculous”, says the BBC. “Rock is at its best when confrontational, subversive, curiously camp and bold, which is why RAMMSTEIN are currently one of the most important bands in the genre.” Armed with their sixth album, Liebe ist für Alle da, Germany’s infamous techno-metal masters bring nothing less than the greatest show on earth: “RAMMSTEIN are in pulverising form, the crowd are going crazy, the atmosphere is electric and the firebombs launching from the stage are like World War III on apocalypse LSD” (The Quietus, February 2010). Bow down to your kings, BIG DAY OUT 2011, for RAMMSTEIN have returned.

Source: www.bigdayout.com


  1. I believe the Gold Coast Set was the same except for the change out of “Mein Teil” with “Ich Tu Dir Weh” – will be at Sydney show tomorrow

  2. 1. Rammlied
    2. Waidmanns Heil
    3. Keine Lust
    4. Feuer Frei
    5. Wiener Blut
    6. Links 2-3-4
    7. Benzin
    8. Mein Teil
    9. Du Riescht So Gut
    10. Du Hast
    11. Sonne
    12. Ich will
    13. Pussy

  3. They stole the show at the BDO in Auckland, absolutely incredible. As best I can remember the setlist was like this: Rammlied, Waidmanns Heil, Keine Lust, Feuer Frei, Wiener Blut, Du Riechst so Gut, Links 2 3 4, Mein Teil, Benzin, Du Hast, Sonne, Ich Will, Pussy. Probably got the order a bit wrong but those were all the songs – Rammlied opener and Pussy last. So a pretty damn good lineup for a 1 hour show! All the usual stage effects, costumes etc. that go with those songs too.

  4. Just saw Rammstein 3 hours ago, they were very good,best part of the big day out,they played around 10 songs, over a hour, couldn’t get enough of the fire!

  5. It depends. I think headliners play for like, 80 or 60 minutes or something? Tool will most likely be playing longest.
    Rammstein may be 40 mins, or an hour…? I don’t really know, the bands alternate and it’s a full day concert.
    This it my first time as well so don’t trust me haha.

  6. Hey dudes,

    I think they come out with a timetable later on in the year… So we’ll at least know what times they’re playing. However, I don’t know if there’s a way of knowing what songs they’ll play.

    I, for one, hope they don’t play Pussy. >_> My father is attending BDO with me, haha..

  7. I do not know about the tracks that are to be played, I submitted this article, but could not find anything on the tracks played, but still I am going to the Perth show.

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