Rammstein are still rocking after all these years

After forming in Berlin in 1994, the German hard rock / metal  band Rammstein have achieved success all over the world with their unique rock sounds and have built up a dedicated following of hard core fans. Though the band perform mostly in German, they have been known to also perform in English, French and even Russian.

The Early Years

The band are actually named after the Ramstein Airbase, where a tragic accident occurred during an airshow, in which 80 people lost their lives when a plane crashed.

The members of the band are the lead singer Till Lindemann, Paul H. Landers and Richard Z. Kruspe (guitarists), Oliver Riedel (bassist), Christian Lorenz (keyboardist) and Christoph Schneider (drummer). This lineup has not changed since the start of the band, and neither has their approach to music and song writing, where they are well known for their sometimes outrageous and provocative lyrics.

A look at their albums

During their past 26 years, the band have produced seven studio albums and three live albums. They have also produced six video albums. Their most recent album was their “Untitled” album, which was released in May 2019, and was actually their first studio album in 10 years. It was also their first album that Jacob Hellner did not produce.

Over the years the band have had a number of hit songs that have topped charts and have introduced their music to more fans around the world.

Du Hast – Their biggest hit

Probably their biggest hit so far was “Du Hast”, meaning “you have” in German, which was taken from their second album in 1997. This track that is always connected with the band and one made them truly global superstars.

The “Du Hast” track has appeared in a number of different movie soundtracks over the years, with the most famous being the soundtrack for “The Matrix”, which was a worldwide success back in 1999.

This track is also one that many fans of the band play in tribute bands, or simply with friends who come over. There are a number of websites where you can find the chords to play this track. There are a few versions of this track that are very popular in addition to the studio version from the “Sehnsucht” album. It is a staple song that is always performed during their concerts, and one that the fans wait for.

One of the most famous performances of this song is the one you can find on the official video – “Paris – Du Hast (Official Video)”. This is a stunning piece of videography and blends audio and visuals in a truly unique way. Rammstein are very famous for their live performance, and often use fireworks for their stage shows. However, there are also many other elements in play that when combined, create a truly unique experience.

Live concerts and performances

Their live performances are amongst the best in the world of rock and metal music. Tickets for their shows sell out within hours of being announced, and their durability is a credit to their musical talents. They are a band that have stood the test of time, and one that no other has come close to emulating.

During the 1990s, rock and metal music really took off and became very popular around the world. Bands like Metallica, Slayer and Pantera achieved global success, and Rammstein were also in this category. However, since the 1990s, many similar bands have simply slipped away, never to be heard of again. This is what makes Rammstein’s achievements even more impressive. In a world where rock and metal is dominated by American or British bands, the fact that Rammstein have been together for over 25 years and have made many successful albums during that time is something that should really be applauded

What lies ahead

No one can predict the future, especially during the past 6 months of 2020 where the world as we know it has literally been turned upside down. Many aspects of life have changed recently, and social distancing has changed a lot of what we have previously taken for granted. No one knows when music concerts will be able to start again, especially in stadiums and theatres that can hold thousands of fans in close proximity.

The fact that Rammstein released a new album just over a year ago shows us that they are still enjoying what they do and their musical ambitions haven’t dwindled over time. This is a band that appears to be as committed to their music today as they were back in 1994 when they first formed.