Rammstein Rammlied lyric with English translation

Wer wartet mit Besonnenheit
Der wird belohnt zur rechten Zeit
Nun, das Warten hat ein Ende
Leiht euer Ohr einer Legende.


Manche führen, manche folgen
Herz und Seele, Hand in Hand
Vorwärts, vorwärts, bleibt nicht stehen!
Sinn und Form bekommen Verstand.
Wenn die Freude traurig macht
keine Sterne in der Nacht.

Bist du einsam, und allein
Wir sind hier, schalte ein...


Manche führen, manche folgen
Böse Miene gutes Spiel.

Fressen und gefressen werden,
Wir nehmen wenig, geben viel.

Wenn ihr keine Antwort wisst
Richtig ist, was richtig ist
Bist du traurig, und allein
Wir sind zurück, schalte ein...


Ein Weg,
Ein Ziel
Ein Motiv
Eine Richtung
Ein Gefühl
Aus Fleisch und Blut,
Ein Kollektiv.

Wer wartet mit Besonnenheit
Der wird belohnt zur rechten Zeit
Nun, das Warten hat ein Ende
Leiht euer Ohr einer Legende. 

Lyric © Rammstein
The one who waits with prudence*
Will be rewarded at the right time
Well, the waiting has ended
Lend your ear to a legend


Some lead, some follow
Heart and soul, hand in hand
Forward, forward, don’t stop
Meaning and form gain understanding
When joy makes sad
There are no stars in the night

Are you secluded and alone,
We are here, switch on…


Some lead some follow
(Make an) Evil face (for a) good game**

Devouring and being devoured
We take a little, give a lot

If you don’t know an answer
What’s right is right
Are you sad and alone
We are back, switch on…


One path
One goal
One motive
One direction
One feeling
Of flesh and blood
One collective

The one who waits with prudence
Will be rewarded at the right time
Now the waiting has ended
Lend your ear to a legend

Translation © Affenknecht.com

Submitted by EinHeisserSchrei

Translation notes:

* Prudence also means care/caution/good sense

** “Böse Miene, gutes Spiel.” is a play on the German saying: “Gute Miene zum bösen Spiel machen.” (Grin and bear it), i.e. put on a good face for an evil game…which means put on a good front and stay the course. Here it’s juxtaposed to mean put on an evil face for a good game.

An intro to what seems like the apocalypse, We hear once again hear Till Lindemanns beautiful yet dark vocal and then the shout of “Rammstein”. The rest of the band come into play into an epic adventure. “Rammlied” is the evil and better brother to the song “Rammstein”. Rammstein have finally made their return and they make sure everyone knows that with this piece.


  1. I adore how this is basically the metal version of one of those rap “I’m the greatest” signature songs, but when done to say WE’RE the greatest and with a “for the greatest good” message as here, the tone is 180° different. I love how they emphasize their collective nature (like a local rap collective that I love in Minnesota, Doomtree). Just so refreshing

  2. Totally obsessed with Rammstein! and love their lyrics. Seeing them at Milton Keynes in FIVE WEEKS! Beyond excited!!

  3. I was messing around in Audacity and discovered something odd. The version on the Pussy 12″ is not just a copy of the album version, it’s an entirely different version.

  4. Nothing evil about this song! A bit of grand-standing perhaps, but Rammstein has earned the right to blow their own horn IMHO

  5. Best song to open their concert ever!!!! I was there in Quebec then they played the summer festival in 2010; honestly, they couldn’t have picked a better song to open the concert! As soon as Till started singing and the German flag popped up behind the curtain, the crowd of 100,000+ erupted!!! Best concert experience of my life


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