Based on latest discussions on this forum, and studiing copyright laws, it is necessary to state out new forum mandatory rules, effective immediately, so, here we are.

LINKS TO MUSIC & VIDEOS: what is legal/what is not.
NEW RULES in the forum state:

From now on in our forum users shal NOT POST TOPICS THAT containin the following :
• Requests for or links to MP3s, music videos, or other files of questionable legality
• Bootlegs

So, please do not POST A LINK TO music or videos which does not directly originate from an officially legal site.

An OFFICIALLY LEGAL SITE is: or, universal music, a legitimate music site like MTV or VIVA. The links must be direct and linked only to the approved site. Any links which have copied and transferred the music or videos from an official legal site to ANYWHERE else are NOT OFFICIAL.

• Do not ASK FOR A LINK to music or videos. If there is a legal site for either listening or viewing, xTERNAL will provide the information in the NEWS section of

WHAT YOU CAN DO in the forums: You can DISCUSS a new song or a new video.

WHAT YOU CANNOT DO in the forums: provide illegal links or ask for links, give directions of any kind as to where something might be found (examples: file-sharing, other fansites, etc.). Screen caps will be allowed (within reason) AFTER a video has been made available through an OFFICIAL LEGAL LINK. Fan remixes of songs will be allowed (within reason) after the song has been officially released.

The above restrictions are necessary not because we are being “damn babies” or “. The reason is simply that RAMMSTEIN-EUROPE has made the decision to not be a facilitator of illegal activities involving copyrighted material. The reason for that is also clear. Rammstein’s Management has shown aggressive behaviour in combating copyright infringement.

Anyone who violates the spirit of the aforementioned expansion/explanation of what the RULES mean here as applied to music and videos (and this also includes the "making of videos") will meet up with one of the following consequences:


If you have ANY questions about what may or may not be acceptable here, you can always PM a Moderator and ask first before posting something that might get you in trouble here.

•any links to (or other sharing sites of a similar nature)are generally not allowed.
While some videos like fan made items or spoof animations are allowed, we do not allow linking to youtube. Oftentimes there is/are illegal videos of Rammstein performances to the side of the linked videos. Actual Rammstein Videos which are very illegal to be hosted by that site - therefore we cannot allow links to youtube to be allowed.

So, links to youtube are now allowed - ONLY IF it is a fanmade video by you, and does not contain bootleg footage or footage of live performances or released performances. Stills from photos found on the net are OK. A montage is OK. Clips of released footage are NOT OK.

Please try to understand that sometimes while we may allow a certain individuals fanmade videos, and deny another persons it is usually because the content in it could get the forums in trouble.

Also if some individuals post their fanmade video and it turns out to be bootleg footage that they filmed themselves at a concert and consider that "fanmade" - then we will have to reverse the ruling on allowing fanmade videos PERIOD!

Here is an update on what is considered "fanmade".
Fanmade is fanmade. You did it yourself. Like cut and paste. You creatd everything yourself. No footage filmed by someone else no clips. Still images are OK.
For example:
If you go out and find 6 banana slugs in the yard, dress them up in LAB outfits, and put the skinniest one in a paper boat and play the music to SEEMANN on a kazoo. That is fanmade.

If you have a coverband and you do your own video or you have footage of YOUR band's performance. That is fanmade.

If you have images that you sketched of how you think the video for a song should have been and you put it to music - I think we can allow that.

Use your creativity.


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Stephan Schrör for Rammstein USA

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  • Stephan Schrör for Rammstein USA

    Rammstein USA has shared a very interesting interview, here it is

    Exclusive for Rammstein USA: Interview with Stephan Schrör, owner of Fresh Eggs gallery in Berlin, exhibitor of the art of Till Lindemann and Matthias Matthies and the singer of First Arsch.

    Source with First Arsch photos:

    “By the way,” Stephan adds in passing as we are exchanging emails to conduct this interview, on art, fraternizing with the stars and playing in an East German punk band, “nobody knows what First Arsch means: like First Class, and Arsch is German for ass…but Arsch means Autonom Randalier SCHwerins,” he refers to the small town of Schwerin where he and Till Lindemann played together, also the place of Till’s youth, in the north of the former GDR, “…and WE are the First ones!”

    Mr. Schrör, we know you and Till Lindemann played in the same band, namely First Arsch. How did you and Till meet?

    At a party, just short of 30 years ago … the theme was the Prohibition … We all wore those pinstriped, mafia suits, and the ladies wore 30s dresses. We were both interested in the same woman back then…

    Some of the online sources also list Paul Landers and Richard Z Kruspe as members of First Arsch. Can you confirm this? If so, can you tell us how you came to form a band with them?

    Richard was definitely our first guitarist. Paul supported us quite often during concerts, but he wasn’t in the rehearsal studio with us or anything. The Jazz- and Blues-scene was big at that time, and we – the next generation – wanted to separate ourselves from it and organize true Punk Happenings. I couldn’t sing at all, and as our drummer, Till had had ten hours of lessons, tops. I was very happy that Richard was with us as a guitarist – he had a very solid training. The addition of an excellent saxophonist, added some structure to our performances.

    We have heard a rumor about one of the band onstage antics: Till putting live chickens inside the bass drum. Any other antics or interesting stories from that time?

    As we weren’t the “biggest”, musically, we often made our performances into Happenings that ended up in chaos. Water, fire, even animals – we wanted to provoke… I remember a concert which we ended completely covered by a huge, black, plastic sheet…

    Did Till ever help with writing the lyrics for the First Arsch?

    By all means. I always mixed lines from Dadaistic poems and quotes, as well as current headlines and such, into an expressive, reproachful, chant. Empty words, a made up language and expressionistic elements soon became our trademark. Already back then, Till gave me some texts which I then interpreted live…

    Do you miss being on stage?

    No. But it is great to have successful musicians as friends. I have been all over the world with Rammstein. It’s a big part of my life. But, I don’t belong up on a stage.

    Can you tell more about musical scene in DDR back then? We have heard that everything foreign was mostly forbidden and we wonder if it was the same for you.

    Yes, everything was more or less forbidden. You needed permits to perform and to buy instruments. However, this was also the time of change, and despite us not having any permits and always having played illegally, we had remarkably little trouble at the time. Once Till’s father brought a toy piano from Casio, which was great. It was an SK 5 and you could sample about 5 seconds on it … We often made quite remarkable stuff with that. In addition, I had built a drum kit with old speakers serving as microphones … We also had laryngophones from Russian tank driver’s helmets … It could get quite shrill at times.

    How did you move from rock into art? What prompted you to want to open a gallery?

    Till and I were making visual art, back then. We called ourselves the Artist’s collective “AG Taube”… There are still a few pieces of work left from this period. The Gallery came into existence because of the interest in people, in art and especially in people who work with art…

    Can you tell us more about the art you and Till were making in the Artist’s collective “AG Taube”? In particular, was it paintings or sculptures, what style it was, etc?

    It was all very expressive. For example, Till once built a sculpture out of old water faucets. But he has also created very strong Action Paintings. And now, I have featured his sculpture “Hans im Glück” (‘Lucky Hans’).

    What’s behind the name, “Fresh Eggs from Free Range Chickens”?

    Till was living just outside of the city. As I couldn’t find my way from the main road the first time, I used a sign for orientation…it read, “Fresh eggs from free range chickens”. And I thought, ‘Yes, that’s us – free ranging!’ A friend just recently mentioned that the sign is still hanging there.

    From knowing Mr. Lindemann over many years, how would you say his art has changed?

    It was all already there! He sings much better these days, though…

    Can you see similarities in Mr. Lindeman’s art and in the lyrics that he writes for Rammstein?

    Of course. The music and the show, and of course also the way Till emphasizes his words, make his poems so alive that people all over the world understand them – even if they don’t know a word of the German language. Music is a high form of communication. A lot of birds (singers) twitter their songs today… But Till’s singing can carry a poem.

    When did you decide to feature his works in your gallery?

    When I saw the great illustrations Matthias Matthies had done. He’s also been our friend for many years.

    Any particular desires/hopes for this exhibition?

    We are showing “grown up” art. They’re works that fans can purchase. For fans who deal with the artistic side of the texts and can identify with that. Art for people for whom a poster from a Metal magazine just is not enough. Rammstein has fascinated, influenced and infected many other artists around the world. . A lot of people wouldn’t buy the usual posters to hang them in their apartments.

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    Do you plan to bring the exhibition, “In stillen Nächten”, overseas to USA and Canada?

    I have been speaking to Till and Matthi about such things already. However, I dread the tremendous expenditure. In addition, the sales are going well here, locally, as well as via the Internet.

    How has your and Mr. Lindemann relationship changed over the years?

    The friendship remains. Till is a wonderful friend. So for him, there was no question that Matthias Matthies should do the illustrations for the book – or that Stephan Schrör would represent the art as a galerist.

    Do you keep in touch with Richard and Paul as well?

    Of course – we see each other regularly. Olli and Flake are also often at my house or at the gallery. My apartment is only two minutes away from the rehearsal studio where live shows are rehearsed. We see each other there too, on a regular basis.

    Have you ever talked about doing an exhibition of any of the other band members art work besides Till, like Paul Lander’s Photography?


    Opinions on other artists who have worked with Rammstein if any (Recuenco’s work for Liebe ist für alle da, Holger’s funeral procession and mausoleum for opening of the Made in Germany Tour, Åkerlund’s work, etc.)

    It’s always amazing what facets other artists discover with Rammstein. How the depth and complexity of the band is illuminated. And yet, you can also just “headbang” to the music…

    What is your favorite art medium?


    Where do you see your gallery going in the future?

    There is no concept. I display what I like.

    What other artists would you like to feature?

    I will always show “Fresh Eggs from freerange chickens”…

    Have you thought of featuring art from other German musicians?

    It’s quite possible, right now, of course, a lot is “offered”, but in no way am I “fixed” on it.

    Can you name three of your favorite non-standard places to visit in Berlin?

    The memorial for the fallen Soviet soldiers in Treptow.
    Beelizer Heilstätten.

    Currently the Fresh Eggs Gallery hosts “Im Stillen Nächten” double exhibition featuring original verses of the poems by Till Lindemann from his 2013 book of poems “Im Stillen Nächten”(“In silent nights”). They are accompanied by the original illustrations from Matthias Matthies. You can see this exhibition until March 22.

    Also available for sale limited editions of prints hand-signed by both artists and the original poems handwritten and signed by Till Lindemann. Additional information is available at the Fresh Eggs Gallery Facebook page