Hello! I am an administrator of site SeidBereit.Ru. Our multicam-maker Popaduba starts to make multicam from Berlin concerts on 8, 9 and 11 of July. We need your help. If you will visit these concerts, can you please record some material and upload it, to give us sources. We are waiting for yours footage. Thank you very much!
(Popaduba has made famous multicams from New York 2010, Budapest 2011 and Paris 2012, you can watch them on YouTube and download on our forum here:
New York 2010 – http://forum.seidbereit.ru/index.php...m-by-popaduba/
Budapest 2011 – http://forum.seidbereit.ru/index.php...arena-hungary/
Paris 2012 - http://forum.seidbereit.ru/index.php...made-in-bercy/