Based on latest discussions on this forum, and studiing copyright laws, it is necessary to state out new forum mandatory rules, effective immediately, so, here we are.

LINKS TO MUSIC & VIDEOS: what is legal/what is not.
NEW RULES in the forum state:

From now on in our forum users shal NOT POST TOPICS THAT containin the following :
• Requests for or links to MP3s, music videos, or other files of questionable legality
• Bootlegs

So, please do not POST A LINK TO music or videos which does not directly originate from an officially legal site.

An OFFICIALLY LEGAL SITE is: or, universal music, a legitimate music site like MTV or VIVA. The links must be direct and linked only to the approved site. Any links which have copied and transferred the music or videos from an official legal site to ANYWHERE else are NOT OFFICIAL.

• Do not ASK FOR A LINK to music or videos. If there is a legal site for either listening or viewing, xTERNAL will provide the information in the NEWS section of

WHAT YOU CAN DO in the forums: You can DISCUSS a new song or a new video.

WHAT YOU CANNOT DO in the forums: provide illegal links or ask for links, give directions of any kind as to where something might be found (examples: file-sharing, other fansites, etc.). Screen caps will be allowed (within reason) AFTER a video has been made available through an OFFICIAL LEGAL LINK. Fan remixes of songs will be allowed (within reason) after the song has been officially released.

The above restrictions are necessary not because we are being “damn babies” or “. The reason is simply that RAMMSTEIN-EUROPE has made the decision to not be a facilitator of illegal activities involving copyrighted material. The reason for that is also clear. Rammstein’s Management has shown aggressive behaviour in combating copyright infringement.

Anyone who violates the spirit of the aforementioned expansion/explanation of what the RULES mean here as applied to music and videos (and this also includes the "making of videos") will meet up with one of the following consequences:


If you have ANY questions about what may or may not be acceptable here, you can always PM a Moderator and ask first before posting something that might get you in trouble here.

•any links to (or other sharing sites of a similar nature)are generally not allowed.
While some videos like fan made items or spoof animations are allowed, we do not allow linking to youtube. Oftentimes there is/are illegal videos of Rammstein performances to the side of the linked videos. Actual Rammstein Videos which are very illegal to be hosted by that site - therefore we cannot allow links to youtube to be allowed.

So, links to youtube are now allowed - ONLY IF it is a fanmade video by you, and does not contain bootleg footage or footage of live performances or released performances. Stills from photos found on the net are OK. A montage is OK. Clips of released footage are NOT OK.

Please try to understand that sometimes while we may allow a certain individuals fanmade videos, and deny another persons it is usually because the content in it could get the forums in trouble.

Also if some individuals post their fanmade video and it turns out to be bootleg footage that they filmed themselves at a concert and consider that "fanmade" - then we will have to reverse the ruling on allowing fanmade videos PERIOD!

Here is an update on what is considered "fanmade".
Fanmade is fanmade. You did it yourself. Like cut and paste. You creatd everything yourself. No footage filmed by someone else no clips. Still images are OK.
For example:
If you go out and find 6 banana slugs in the yard, dress them up in LAB outfits, and put the skinniest one in a paper boat and play the music to SEEMANN on a kazoo. That is fanmade.

If you have a coverband and you do your own video or you have footage of YOUR band's performance. That is fanmade.

If you have images that you sketched of how you think the video for a song should have been and you put it to music - I think we can allow that.

Use your creativity.


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    Some others:
    • In 2009 a film was made in the former East-German prison Hohenschönhausen. During the making, coworkers discovered several files from the Stasi, among which there was a file about Flake. The pretty thick file was kept form 1985 on apparently because of Flake's "socialist-unfriendly way of life", and stated that people were to keep an eye on him. Flake was allowed to read this file through, and he was amazed what they found out about him, but also about what they didn't find out.
    • Te Quiero Puta! was initially planned to be an oriental song, which you can here a little bit in the beginning. But Till couldn't make up anhything, then went for writing something in Spanish.
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      I read the Flake thing once, he has also said it lessened his "oostalgia", where much of this was expressed before he read the file, he was then under the impression he had been pretty much left alone.


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        ^Thx for adding.

        For some reason, I didn't want to see this Ostalgie-docu with him, but now I just might. I'll read his Tastenficker first (got it for my birthday) and then make up my mind.
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          This site contains "crazy stories" about the band, though most of them are not that unknown:

          But I didn't know 4 of them: The story with Till's leg being on fire, the Scat play invitation, the Putin-story and the one with Till's mom.

          Not if the Coldplay-story is entirely true though. They like Rammstein, and some members of Rammstein might like them (I know Schneider does). And I know Till hung out with Chris Martin several times, but I seem to remember Till (more recently) complaining his children liked to listen to Coldplay. But then again, it might 've been a joke.
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            Thank you!!!!


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              I didn't know the leg-story, the rest I've heard. The Putin thing got blown up, I think at some stage there even was a denial on the Rammsteins own page, saying the picture was photoshopped and he never said such thing.

              As for Coldplay, even if he hangs out with Chris Martin it doesn't mean he likes their music. He has often in interviews said he dislikes the Kelly Family music, but he's still great friends with Joey Kelly


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                Now you mention, the Putin debacle does ring a bell. Though I think I never knew it became such a big thing. I remembered it more as some "fait divers" where someone just photoshopped something, but I probably missed the whole propaganda dimension and the official statements of the band.

                Originally posted by The Rose View Post

                As for Coldplay, even if he hangs out with Chris Martin it doesn't mean he likes their music.
                Exactly what I tried to say, but apparently it didn't came out right.

                What I wanted to point out was that I dislike it when people generalize (maybe for clickbait reasons), because it's often wrong. The article says "Rammstein likes Coldplay", based upon Schneider saying he put it on it while the band was working on Rosenrot material. Surely, it means he (and probably some of the others) likes Coldplay, but that doesn't necessarily count for the entire band. Like Till's backstage mariachi music was fun for Flake, but annoying for several others.
                If someone remembers, I think they asked Till if his children followed his musical taste, and then he replied they're more into Coldplay (and there seemed to be some "malcontent" in that expression, insofar he really cares of course).
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                  You don’t think they’re asking, “How long has dad been regretting my existence”?
                  Oh, my kids know me, and they know the Rammstein’s history. It’s hard to shock them. I got punished, in the sense that they’re really big Coldplay fans.
                  That is what he said: