Hiya, I'm leiderschneider on Tumblr but I thought I would open up the opportunity to take part in this little project I have going <3 I have 63 participants so far, and would love more! Here's a link to the original post:


But this is the post in full:


Leah here, and while I haven’t been in the fandom for long, I’ve come up with an idea I’d like some fans to take part in. <3

I think it would be an awesome idea to send Rammstein a map (with a letter on the back explaining why), including the locations of fans across the world to show just how many people are (still) invested in their music and looking forward to the next album / tour! While they probably already know this, I think it’d be pretty cool for them to see it physically.

I have done the map project successfully before, for Monty Python’s Michael Palin - I sent him a map and got a spectacular personal reply for him, so it can work! See here for evidence: http://thepalincleeselovechild.tumbl.../BAFTA-project

and here: http://thepalincleeselovechild.tumbl...st/51009085159

If you can’t see the above, what I will do is purchase a map, some stickers and a biro. I would write down your name (or nickname. You can give me your full name or not. I would even include Forum username if desired) , age (if you want), and location (be specific or just tell me your country). I would then put a star, representing you, on the map and write a letter on the back explaining the whole project!

SO, in SHORT, this is what I need people to send me in a message:

1. Your name (can be nickname, first name or full name)

2. Age (not necessary, but if you want to!)

3. Location (as specific or just a country if you like. for the UK, please give a county xD )

4. OPTIONAL - a message thanking them. I might be able to include it in the letter <3

Even if you don’t want to take part, share it with fans who might not be on the forum<3 Thank you !

If none of this makes sense, feel free to comment and I'll get back to you! Thank you <3