Based on latest discussions on this forum, and studiing copyright laws, it is necessary to state out new forum mandatory rules, effective immediately, so, here we are.

LINKS TO MUSIC & VIDEOS: what is legal/what is not.
NEW RULES in the forum state:

From now on in our forum users shal NOT POST TOPICS THAT containin the following :
• Requests for or links to MP3s, music videos, or other files of questionable legality
• Bootlegs

So, please do not POST A LINK TO music or videos which does not directly originate from an officially legal site.

An OFFICIALLY LEGAL SITE is: or, universal music, a legitimate music site like MTV or VIVA. The links must be direct and linked only to the approved site. Any links which have copied and transferred the music or videos from an official legal site to ANYWHERE else are NOT OFFICIAL.

• Do not ASK FOR A LINK to music or videos. If there is a legal site for either listening or viewing, xTERNAL will provide the information in the NEWS section of

WHAT YOU CAN DO in the forums: You can DISCUSS a new song or a new video.

WHAT YOU CANNOT DO in the forums: provide illegal links or ask for links, give directions of any kind as to where something might be found (examples: file-sharing, other fansites, etc.). Screen caps will be allowed (within reason) AFTER a video has been made available through an OFFICIAL LEGAL LINK. Fan remixes of songs will be allowed (within reason) after the song has been officially released.

The above restrictions are necessary not because we are being “damn babies” or “. The reason is simply that RAMMSTEIN-EUROPE has made the decision to not be a facilitator of illegal activities involving copyrighted material. The reason for that is also clear. Rammstein’s Management has shown aggressive behaviour in combating copyright infringement.

Anyone who violates the spirit of the aforementioned expansion/explanation of what the RULES mean here as applied to music and videos (and this also includes the "making of videos") will meet up with one of the following consequences:


If you have ANY questions about what may or may not be acceptable here, you can always PM a Moderator and ask first before posting something that might get you in trouble here.

•any links to (or other sharing sites of a similar nature)are generally not allowed.
While some videos like fan made items or spoof animations are allowed, we do not allow linking to youtube. Oftentimes there is/are illegal videos of Rammstein performances to the side of the linked videos. Actual Rammstein Videos which are very illegal to be hosted by that site - therefore we cannot allow links to youtube to be allowed.

So, links to youtube are now allowed - ONLY IF it is a fanmade video by you, and does not contain bootleg footage or footage of live performances or released performances. Stills from photos found on the net are OK. A montage is OK. Clips of released footage are NOT OK.

Please try to understand that sometimes while we may allow a certain individuals fanmade videos, and deny another persons it is usually because the content in it could get the forums in trouble.

Also if some individuals post their fanmade video and it turns out to be bootleg footage that they filmed themselves at a concert and consider that "fanmade" - then we will have to reverse the ruling on allowing fanmade videos PERIOD!

Here is an update on what is considered "fanmade".
Fanmade is fanmade. You did it yourself. Like cut and paste. You creatd everything yourself. No footage filmed by someone else no clips. Still images are OK.
For example:
If you go out and find 6 banana slugs in the yard, dress them up in LAB outfits, and put the skinniest one in a paper boat and play the music to SEEMANN on a kazoo. That is fanmade.

If you have a coverband and you do your own video or you have footage of YOUR band's performance. That is fanmade.

If you have images that you sketched of how you think the video for a song should have been and you put it to music - I think we can allow that.

Use your creativity.


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Spoilers thread for Summer Festivals 2016

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    If they'd tape this tour, it would be superb. I would rather see a show of this than one of MIG (although it would be cool too and in an ideal world we'd get both). But I do recall their management saying that they won't be throwing any material away. But of course they never said when this all would see the light of day. Probably when they're finishing up the new album, to shurrup us and keep us entertained.

    But that they want to diminish the scale of video taping around fans could be out of other principles too, like wanting to avoid bright, flashing lights during the show (because they could annoy or rui some effects), or band members being bothered by it maybe even the fact that they want to avoid lots of people just standing still during the show.
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      I really liked this tour, although my biggest or should I say only complain is that the show is only 85-90 minutes long (17 songs). However if they want to film something, they should film the Mexico gig. I mean the crowd is always insane, but now they have waited 5 years. They are going to cause an earthquake over there.


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        Just been to Chicago Open Air and it appears they have settled on a set list:

        Reise, Reise
        Keine Lust
        Feuer frei!
        Ich tu dir weh
        Du riechst so gut
        Mein Herz brennt
        Links 2 3 4
        Ich will
        Du hast

        thorougjly enjoyed it and I also loved the horizontal flames and the flame in the middle of the crowd!


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          ^It's a killer setlist anyways. I don't even care they apparently dropped out Ohne Dich (maybe also because I already saw it the previous tour). I was especially amazed by the surprises in the beginning (Hallelujah, Zerstören, Reise, Reise, Seemann); never thought I'd ever see those 3 songs live.
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            Fantastic setlist indeed! My favourites were "Reise, Reise" and "Hallelujah". The "Made in Germany"-tour was a little heavy on the Mutter/Reise, Reise radio hits, so it was nice to see some B-sides and more obscure songs for a change.

            That being said, I do have a tiny nitpick in regards to lengh and flow. I think a rock/metal concert needs some fast paced 3-4 minute long songs in the beginning to kick off the concert with some energy. I think they should have found a place for songs like "Rein Raus", "Wadmanns Heil", "Sehnsucht" and/or "Weisses Fleisch" somewere during the beginning of the show. But that's really just my tiny complaint I have for this setlist.


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              Vienna vs Chicago

              Chicago Open Air was a blast! I got second row right in front of Richard. I saw them at Rock in Vienna and the shows were fairly similar, which was neat because in Vienna, I was about 17 people back in the center & focused on Till. Then in Chicago an even better spot to focus on Richard

              Vienna had some technical glitches, which is understandable as it was only the 2nd show on the tour. I loved the acoustic version of Ohne Dich where the crowd sang along while Till waited for a functioning microphone. But was disappointed that we didn't get to see the angel wings during Engel, presumably due to other technical problems. When they started adding Amerika to the shows, I wondered if they would sing it in Chicago.

              The Chicago show was a finely tuned machine minus Ohne Dich. All the flames were more intense than I remember because I was so much closer to the stage. When they started playing Du Haste, and the crowd was chanting along, Richard came over right in front of where I was standing, and I could actually hear him shout 'I can't hear you!' to the crowd, which of course ratcheted the chanting volume up several notches. They sang Amerika minus the 'this is not a love song' lyrics. Flaming angel wings worked perfectly during Engel.

              All in all they were both awesome shows. I enjoyed every minute of each one and will never forget them. I hope I get the opportunity to see them again.


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                Rammstein are playing in Abu Dhabi according to promoter Dream Factory. You can see the announcment on their Facebook page. The concert will take place on December 16.
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                  I just saw the video of Hellfest, with Hallelujah. Weird question maybe: do you guys think the high-pitch voice that sings "hallelujah" is a recorded voice over that Flake plays? Maybe it seems weird, but I got the impression now that Paul was singing it actually. We see him and Richard singing "Hallelujah", but I only seem to hear Richard. This would mean Paul is lip-synching, singing very quietly or... that he is doing the high voice . Maybe you'll call me crazy, but I really get the impression he's the one doing it. The high voice sound like a man doing a high voice anyway IMO, so it could be Paul. Or am I entierly wrong ??? Just watch the Hellfest recording and give me your two cents.
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