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2012-05-24 USA San Antonio, TX AT&T Center / Rammstein

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    Wow wow wow wow wow drIving home now! Show was fucking amazing! Bonus for us we sat right next to where they entered the stage I didn't know so was eeeeeepic. The guys all sounded amazing! It was hot hot hot hot in san anton. My wife is the newest richard fan btw. She said who's the cute oone lol!!! I was hoping they would have playe te quito puta since we were down south but no dice. Anyways ill post more I'm on my phone atm also got some decent photos.


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      Wow, waiting for more information... And those amazing pics.


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        iPad won't let me upload pictures!!!!


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          Maybe you can upload them to another place and after share them here.


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            Hi Maya, I've only got my iPad with me. When we get back to Blighty I'll try from our pc. I've uploaded 3 onto facebook LIFAD site. Neil x


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              Then you can share them here. Are these your pics?


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                (I had to post this review in two parts since it's too large.)

                I have possessed floor tickets for Rammstein ever since December. I waited for months, and finally, on May 24th, about 8 hours before the concert, I arrived at the AT@T Center in San Antonio, nearly two hours from where I live. Finally, after about 7 hours of waiting, we were finally gathered up and allowed to enter. I rushed to the stage, and secured my relatively good spot right up front- with only one person in front of me. After some more grueling waiting, the opening act began to play. Soon he left. The stage went dark, and the lights were pointed toward a side entrance. The band, carrying flags and burning torches, walked through the crowd, onto the B stage behind us, and finally walked across the overhead bridge that had lowered so that they could walk to the main stage. Seeing them was incredible. Their wardrobe was fucking excellent. Till Lindemann's wardrobe was probably my favorite (pictured below)

                They opened thunderously with "Sonne." The audience shouted out the opening vocals- which consist of a count to 10. Then, the stage fucking exploded- literally. Thick fire shot from the front of the stage, so hot that it even caused me lean back on reflex. Really that whole visual, combined with the feeling of fire, was a very fucking heavy experience.

                After Sonne came a classic- Wollt Ihr Das Bett in Flammen Sehen- the first track from their first album, Herzeleid. The track was fucking explosive. Till's voice was so deep and clear, it was incredible. Throughout this song, there were two pyrotechnic effects: One in which Till Lindemann swung what appeared to be sparking nun-chucks around, and another in which fire shot up in a circular motion from the floor.

                Next up was Keine Lust. This track was fucking excellent. Till was incredible, as was Ollie- the bassist. He did some really good work on the bass for this track. After Keine Lust came a great one, Sehnsucht. With its immortal lyrics and concept, as well as fucking awesome chorus, it really excited the crowd, and I think it's where the major moshing started.

                After Sehnsucht came one of the many tracks in which every member of the band had a great part in, Asche Zu Asche. From Ollie's bass solo, to Schneider's thunderous drumming, Till's deep vocals, Flake's terrific keyboard-skills, and Richard and Paul's back-up vocals and badass guitar-work. The major part of this song is towards the final chorus, in which Richard and Paul's microphones are ignited and burn for the rest of the track.

                After Asche came perhaps one of the most well-known tracks by Rammstein- Feuer Frei. Explosive fucking track, and an incredible end to it, in which Paul, Richard, and Till strap masks to their faces that spew flames.

                Then, a somewhat dreamy vocal and synth opened up their next track- Mutter. Mutter is one of my favorite tracks in how fucking beautiful it is, and the performance was amazing. It opened with Richard and Paul playing the intro on their guitar, illuminated in a vivid green light.


                The simply amazing visual of a downpour of sparks raining upon Till as he stands still, accompanied by the powerful instrumental bit, was truly fucking moving. As the song ended, the stage went dark. Another very familiar orchestral bit began to hum.. One all too familiar- the legendary "Mein Teil." The performance that was arguably what I was looking forward to the most that night.

                After the Paul and Richard finished the opening, a vivid bass, with a low, vibrating fuzz to it, could be heard, along with several sounds of knives sharpening. Till, dressed in a butchers-suit drenched in blood, pushed a large pot towards the side of the stage.

                With his deep, evil vocals, Till carried the song into its first chorus. Towards the end of the song, however, was where the shit really hit the fan.

                Till gets a fucking flamethrower.

                He does not look pleased... Wait where's he going?




                Flake emerges from the pot with smoke shooting from him as Till sings the outro with his "Kniferophone." As Flake runs around the stage aimlessly, what looked like flares falling from the ceiling land behind him, exploding as they hit the floor.

                The song came to a close pretty soon. Really a fucking fantastic performance. Heavy as fuck, great pyrotechnics, the whole thing was fucking excellent. Next up was another classic: Du Riechst so Gut. Following Du Riechst so Gut was Links 2, 3, 4, a heavy, very notable track by the band.

                Following Links was again, what is arguably one of the most well-known Rammstein songs, Du Hast.
                This was an obvious favorite. The crowd joined in to sing the chorus, it was fucking great. Towards the end of the song, Till brought out a large barrel that shot fireworks into the air, and directly after it, the entire stage "exploded" (As in sparks shot from all directions.)
                Shit was crazy.

                After Du Hast, the band started playing one of their newer tracks, Haifisch. The band did great with this one. The major stunt of this track was when Flake crowd-surfed on an inflatable raft. It was badass.

                After Haifisch, the band disappeared. Soon, the lights began to focus behind us, and Richard was standing on the "B-Stage" playing a keyboard. The bridge then began to lower, and he began playing a dark, industrial, and very BDSM-sounding track. (Very fitting for their next performance lmao.)
                Back on the main stage, Schneider, the drummer, was standing coated in make-up and wearing a blonde wig. Each of the other band members were crawling on the ground, attached to a large leash. Schneider walked them across the bridge, whipping them as they moved along. There was a funny bit in which Till mounted Flake and began dry-humping him.
                They got to the other stage and began performing their classic- and controversial track, "Buck Dich."

                Unfortunately, what made the track controversial wasn't shown here. I assume it was because of the trouble they got in years ago when they last played the track in America. Towards the end of the track, Till would pull out a dildo, begin dick-smacking Flake's bare ass, and then squirting fluid into the audience. They've done that for their other shows during this tour, but not for any of the American shows.
                Instead, Till was actually bent over, and Flake smashed a strobe light on his back. It was kinda hard getting good shots for this part of the concert, since I remained closer towards the main stage.
                Then came a personal favorite of mine, Mann Gegen Mann. After Mann Gegen Mann, they played a slow track, Ohne Dich. A very emotional track, accompanied by a beautiful orchestra. After Ohne Dich, they returned to the main stage. They stood for a bit, thanked the audience, and then left. But this was their trick. The audience wasn't gonna let them leave like that. We screamed like motherfuckers, and sure enough, they came back out.


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                  (REVIEW CONTINUED)

                  They returned and began playing one of my favorite tracks by them, Mein Herz Brennt.

                  Towards the middle of this song, there is an orchestral bit. During that time, the lights dimmed, and Till unzipped his shirt, revealing a glowing, beating red heart.

                  Yet another very powerful moment.
                  After Mein Herz Brennt, another well known track was sure to come.
                  The lights focused on Richard and Paul as they growled;

                  "ICH WILL."
                  Fucking fun track. Lots of participation from the audience, and it made Till ejaculate:

                  After the explosive performance of Ich Will (yes I know I use that adjective a lot, it's just so relevant) came a nice track: Amerika. One of my first favorites by Rammstein, I was delighted to hear this. Not to mention, the stage looked fucking great.

                  As the track continued, we were treated to a fucking awesome keyboard solo by Flake:

                  After Amerika came to a close, a very familiar whistle was heard. Till emerged from the stage, with large, elegant wings strapped to his back.

                  This is yet another one of my favorite performances. It's simply fucking awesome, and the chorus.. well:

                  Incredible. I absolutely love the contrast between the stage lighting and the flames.

                  It was fucking incredible.
                  But they weren't done just yet..
                  The band lined up on the front part of the stage and began playing...

                  "You've got a pussy, I have a dick, so what's the problem? Let's do it quick."
                  Halfway through the track, Till began smashing his microphone stand- and it exploded lmao.
                  He then walked towards the side of the stage.. To the legendary...

                  DICK CANNON
                  The famous dick-shaped cannon that shoots foam into the audience. It as fucking incredible. This was the last photo I got before I had to put the camera away to prevent damage:

                  Till rode the dick cannon as it moved across the stage, squirting foam in all directions. I was fucking covered in it. I had a great moment with fellow fans, as one of them wiped the foam from my glasses, and then we all joined in a massive group-hug of happiness and barreled around the floor a bit. It was so much fucking fun. Really it felt as if my heart had been touched. The band stood up front on the stage one last time, and thanked us. They bowed, waved goodbye, and left. Truly it was amazing. In fact just writing that part almost brought a tear of joy to my eye.

                  How could I give this concert any less than a 10/10? Even though Buck Dich didn't have the dildo, that didn't matter, it was still fucking amazing. The amount of time, effort, planning, design, and choreography that went into the performance was just amazing. Really it shows how much they care for us, and how much they love what they do.

                  It was such an inspiring, incredible show. From the earlier moments of seeing the band perform "Sonne" with blazing, rapid flames shooting out, to the explosive Feuer Frei, to the dark and incredible performance of Mein Teil, to the powerful performance of Mutter, to the fun moments on the B-stage, and to the explosive encore presentations. I don't even know if I can properly put into words how fucking great that was.
                  Best live act I've ever fucking seen. Music and performance was top notch, and the pyrotechnics were creative, fun, and simply fucking jaw-dropping. They looked fucking amazing. Seeing them in the flesh was fucking surreal.

                  Until we meet again, Rammstein.


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                    ^Great review, man, thanks a lot for sharing. I like that you took the time and effort to describe the entire concert! Really enjoyed the read.
                    Dort wo der Horizont
                    Sich mit dem Meer verbindet
                    Dort wollt' ich auf dich warten
                    Auf das du mich dort findest


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                      Amazing pics, amazing review. Thanks a lot for sharing


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                        Brought back memories of the night! Thanks for sharing.
                        You must have not been that far behind me in line if you showed up 8 hours early, I'm the guy who was handing out water bottles from an ice cooler for the people in line right before we were allowed inside.


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                          Thanks everyone!

                          Originally posted by Progmetty View Post
                          Brought back memories of the night! Thanks for sharing.
                          You must have not been that far behind me in line if you showed up 8 hours early, I'm the guy who was handing out water bottles from an ice cooler for the people in line right before we were allowed inside.
                          Heh, yeah, I remember you. I was probably about 3 or four people behind you.


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                            Hi Maya, sorry it took so long to reply, yes they are my photo's. Neil


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                              Amazing pics....


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                                Thanks Maya, I take hundreds in the hope to get a couple of decent ones! Rammclan ru has put some of our meet and greet photo's on their site. Neil