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[Spoilers] The Made in Germany Thread

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  • So that box thing that was behind the drum kit in that preview video was the second stage.

    Also, what does this mean?
    "Stage B Gateway and out"
    I don't quite understand what you mean by it.


    • Sorry, it was late ..... Google tranlator, original in French

      Stage B and Gateway out. No bridge and no second stage

      Same with lights, wrong order of The words


      • I just realised, there's no "Boat song".


        • ^So basically we still won't know what 'll happen before the concerts really start. The changes are however very promissing (all of them, I think).
          Dort wo der Horizont
          Sich mit dem Meer verbindet
          Dort wollt' ich auf dich warten
          Auf das du mich dort findest


          • This is the report from Mutter 67, I am back in Oslo on my way to work after being in Berlin yesterday tour rehearsal. Opening song was Ich tu dir weh. Set list: this was left out: Mutter, Amerika, Mann gegen Mann and Haifish
            This was added: Bensin, MHB piano and tada: Wienerblut. They played start of Rammstein but jumped to Ashe to ashe. I am sure I heard a bit of Spiel mit mir before Ich will. It was 18 songs so maybe one will be added ib the tour. More important stuff: Till have a new piercing in his lips and his hair has the regular cut but is blonde almost white. No nippels was shown, but I got a close up look at Flakes ass, looked nice and white no hair:-) costumes mostly same, only Till had a "lovly" pink fuhr jacket. The fluid in Buch dich is changed, the new one really burn when get in the eyes. No brigde. A small plattform elevator that got Buch Dich performance high up above us. More pyro with Paul and Richard. The rest mainly the same, smal differanse in the show. I had a great time bonding with other fans before and after the show from all of the world. Dancing, really hot with the pyro, really wet after Bück dich and very thirsty after singing/ screaming. Till said in the ending something like: thank for wonderful night in this talent show. Some said they could see a tear in his eye, so guess he was satisfied with the respons from the fans. That's was a short report from Mutter67. Ask Rachel for more details regarding her wonderfull Paul, he looked like he was doing like Flake, a bit of exercising :-) See you in Barcelona if you too are going to the show Sunday. I will be there from Friday to Monday :-)

            I will post the stuff I find, hope to find something else.


            • DETAILS :

              Till was with platinum blonde hair and down on a platform at the beginning of the show, reminding a bit the "Live aus Berlin".
              Before the show, curtains cover the entire stage, in the same style that was done on tour Reise, Reise.
              Oliver is with new costumes, Schneider has a new hairstyle.
              There are big changes on stage.
              A cross of fire suspended over the battery.


              • Amazing review by Jack (RammsteinWorld)


                Original in French, translated by Google

                Firstly, I want to apologize for the quality of my prose that will perhaps not sensational, but in my defense, I have not slept that night ... 3:30


                Ich Dir weh you
                Keine Lust
                Feuer Frei
                Wiener Blut
                Mein Teil
                MHB Piano
                Links 234
                Du Hast
                Rammstein Buck Dich + intro
                Ohne Dich


                Ich Will

                Some general comments in relation to the setlist: So this is a mix between the obvious and the MIG LIFAD Tour Tour, the original location of each song is almost met.
                It is reduced to two tracks from the MIG Tour, and thus reaches the same length as the LIFAD Tour (indoor). Amerika, Haifisch, Mann Gegen Mann, Mutter, Mein Herz Brennt and Engel emerge. Return ITDW, Wiener and Benzin. The only novelty is Mein Herz Brennt Piano, which therefore acts as a first ballad of the set.
                The setlist played last night is the "version 13", where I also got to know the "version 7", which includes some changes (inversion Benzin / DRSG example). They seem to be difficult to decide and I think the set as there is need to evolve a bit on first dates, including MHB Piano that is not in its place between MT and Petrol.

                Before show

                We arrive at 17:10 to BBM after a few setbacks with sbahn down. Twenty people waiting on the sidewalk across the street, facing the BBM. We file directly ask a guard to lead us to meeting with the other admin and the person in charge of relations with the fansites in R + management. We go in old brick buildings that house some of the gear on R +. The meeting was held in a large room (or will be the aftershow), the opportunity to meet admins four corners of Europe and beyond. Very nice time. Through the windows we see from time to time Till the window opposite which is silly: it sticks on the window a sheet on which he wrote "HELP" to our attention, or, later, he opened window making us understand that he wants to drink Tequila, discusses with knowledge that goes into the courtyard of BBM, etc.. He always wears a hat (important for later ^ ^). A shop is open at the bottom (and a fiery wall was installed for the occasion before ...). Schneider can see who comes through the back door, and the huge 4 * 4 Paul. We deliver our AS-guest pass at 18:50 and we begin to enter the room. Cloakroom, body search. It is up to the barrier between Paul and Till, front speakers placed directly on the ground. At 20:30, an employee of BBM is to make a speech on stage (stage hidden by a large black curtain) to explain that this is a repeat, it will not all effects (explosions / fireworks are absent) and that we should not be surprised if some problems occur.


                Say it right now: more gateway more Stage B.
                The base is identical to that of MIG Tower (floor, door, stage, drums, keyboard, etc). There are just two small steps that have been added to climb on the platform on each side of the central door enclosing fans. The small step on the edge of the stage is now placed on a forklift (see below). We find the 3 crosses and saucers in place since LIFAD Tour.

                The backdrop is a curtain-type spider / cell but it is not highlighted. The edges are metallic gray and the rest dark gray. After a few songs (I'll), the curtain falls to make way for regular honeycomb curtain MIG Tour. From Wiener Blut, the curtain falls and reveals a new curtain background, so the sides are similar to the 1 st curtain. Basically, a big cross Rammstein appears on the curtain. Wiener blut in, 6 strips of fabric (3 on each side and down from the ceiling creating a relief with the backdrop). Spotlights illuminate them from behind while Wiener, then they fall at the end of the song.

                The huge fan MIG tower is replaced by a light source rather massive rises gently in MHB Piano. It is actually a large cross which unfolds over the songs to reach its maximum size from Links of memory. It is equipped with a lot of different spots and is very elaborate, which makes it difficult to describe. It is aligned with the bottom of the curtain. She obviously echo the cross you can see on the backcover of the LAB.

                Otherwise, the lights in the background are roughly identical MIG Tour, I just noticed flashes from Du Hast that seem new to confirm.

                The Lighshow

                Overall it seems pretty good. All songs on MIG are lit in much the same way as before, so no surprise that side. The new songs, meanwhile, resumed almost the lightshow of LIFAD Tour (particularly Benzin and Wiener, even if it has no effect "cave" which gave the five large blocks suspended from LIFAD turn). ITDW different, but its position in the setlist that wants it. Mein Herz brennt Piano, she enjoys showlight minimalist red and lots of smoke. Cross folded rises gradually to its normal height at the end of the concert.

                The cross is really bright view, it makes a lot of things in terms of lighting. His heart is equipped with small bulbs, while the branches that unfold gradually, have different types of spots. The upper branch (seen on the edge so long as the cross is not fully extended) is for example equipped with three small crosses Rammstein blinking orange during Benzin).

                The show from this point of view there seems pretty well balanced, and I do not think the changes will be very important later. So no big surprises, but no deception or obvious errors.


                Schneider-wearing exactly the same as last year. Capillary level (I know that the world cares ^ ^), he has short hair, as in the first part of the Mutter tour.
                -Flake: same, or almost no changes. He begins by straw, with its huge leg ends and shorts. They just added his leather jacket on a strip of black fur at the waist and sleeve ends.
                -Ollie wears a black suit jacket with wide cropped trousers and boots. His eyes makeup blue. Approximately half of the concert, he removes his shirt to reveal a beautiful black sleeveless sweater kind of coarse wool and sequins. It is very funny with it.
                Paul wears his suit Tyrolean RR Tour throughout the concert (it was not the hat but the case against a black cloth collar that trolling for 2 rounds). Pretty cool to see him like that.
                Richard is a little disaster. He has no great coat, but simply a kind of black mesh dress that then abandons her outfit for the MIG Tour. Obviously, level hair, it always looks (see pictures of after lying).
                Till-: then there is the WTF moment of the concert. It has a new black outfit quite similar to the ones he usually wears (it has a sort of collar, and boots whose shape evokes the cowboy badass Version). On the first song, ITDW he wears a short fur jacket pink! For the record, Paul said in Effective jacket that was made with an old French carpets. And strangest of all, Till is dyed blond ... Initially, because of the light, I thought it was white, which made him look rather venerable (like Till 20 years), but not c It is a strawberry blonde. With his hair slicked back and slicked back, it looks like a beautiful old German gay, it's very funny. Again, an anecdote reported by Paul Till has been dyed hair last week, but wanted to show it to anyone before repeating. So he wore a hat all the time. Other members of the group have discovered so together we new hair Till down from the ceiling at the beginning of the concert, and obviously they were all waiting for it impatiently! Paul is not sure I like the pink jacket, so maybe they do not keep for more.
                Otherwise, Till has huge scars on his arms, for those who still doubted than MHB were true. Finally, we must also say that it has a magnet in his suit in the groin, which allows him to set his microphone in an extremely graceful ... You can imagine the kind! (The microphone is also broken mouth the first time he tried).

                Members of the group:

                Despite the appearance rehearsal, the group was focused enough (less than a normal concert, but still). Perhaps because it is the only public rehearsal.

                Start with the "negative" Doom, Flake and Richard have given some the impression of piss. Doom was particularly absent.
                Again, Paul is the one who enjoyed the most. He spent the concert to stretch, to laugh with people before him, gently mocking Richard has gained weight or Ollie on his back. Early Feuer Frei, for example he tried to connect his mask microphone before the technician resume her hands to put it on the cylinder. It was very nice to this point of view. Ollie had fun too visibly.
                Till was pretty good, although the presence subwoofers before us does not emphasize his voice was sometimes hard to break. He changed the lyrics a few times (it is wrong, as is often the beginning of Links, Keine Lust, etc.), or by adding jokes (as early Bück Dich example). It was quite communicative with the public and very well managed MHB Piano.

                Some facts anyway (and yes, this is a repeat) samples that do not come on time Mein Teil, a failure on DRSG which extended the song a bit because they returned. Some other kind of small hiccups here and there, but nothing really serious.


                • Setlist:

                  As I said, I find it a little less than that of MIG Tour
                  ITDW: The intro unfolds as follows: black curtain with a lot of smoke coming from all sides. Intro music pretty empty, a sort of thud. Two halves apart technicians curtain, revealing the group members in their respective places. Lot of smoke and blue light. Start rhythm hammered the beginning of the song. After 3 or 4 times, sparks appear as one of the top 3 crosses light the scene (placed horizontally). The cross descends, and Till is actually over. All this is of course think Live aus Berlin. He wears his famous pink suit. Reach the ground in time to sing the first verse. The piece unfolds as without particular effect until the end (no bathtub, column, etc.). The lights are gray / blue.

                  WIDBIFS: The sequence is pretty weird ITDW a little brutal. Staging identical to that of MIG except necklaces spears rocket disappeared (they may be there in real conditions by cons). The flames surrounding Till now placed along the platform, one like the Heil Waidmanns LIFAD Tour (but not in the vertical trident).

                  Keine Lust: nothing special to say, as the Tour MIG on all points. The first curtain falls.
                  AZA Sehnsucht: idem.
                  Feuer Frei: idem, nothing special, but you still have to report Paul makes the con with his mask and balance a jet of flame continuously over our heads for a good 20 seconds, the heat was pretty amazing! Till hits his head on the microphone and banged his forehead on the way. The second curtain falls, revealing the new background and 6 small pieces of fabric.
                  -Wiener new intro sound that incorporates some familiar elements (noise baby). The song goes smoothly but not set fire to the public remains unmoved. No staging (exit babies, etc.). There are just explosions in rhythm at the end (which were not present in BBM, like all other firecrackers. The room is too small for such a volume). The lights are yellow and blue, just like LIFAD Tour. 6 pieces of tissue illuminated by fall behind.
                  -Mein Teil: RAS, just like the MIG Tour.
                  MHB-piano piano installed speed just before us, Paul and Till. Flake comes to play and strums a few notes before Till arrives at the door. Red light and smoke. They seem all that we did not play really Flake, however Till sang live and is very well. Overall, the song goes well in itself, I loved it. It is against the wrong place and between Mein Teil Benzin. In any case it's really nice and it brings a bit of novelty. It is at this point that the cross still folded begins to rise. At first, you wonder just what is that thing, it's a little weird.
                  -Benzin: Same LIFAD Tour (pump, fan burned false, etc). A small change: a simple "fuck you" at the end, when the fake fan falls to the ground. Also note the use by Richard Paul and 2 small telescopic microphones placed in the center of the stage for "houhou" from the beginning. That Paul did not, which earned him a disassembly rule. Lights blue pyro in board platform. Cross unfolds gradually
                  -DRSG: RAS. No effect during the solo, but there should be one for the real shows. Lights green similar to MIG.
                  -Du Hast: nothing special either, appearance of lights flash but I think they were already there.
                  -Links: idem, nothing to report.
                  -Intro + Bück Dich Rammstein: Paul and Richard arrive with customized guitars. There is a nozzle placed at the body of the guitar, which seems controlled by the signal from the pickups of the guitar, so it is, every guitar chord played, a flame of 3 meters long, which exits the nozzle, oriented parallel to the neck of the guitar. Lights blue intro to the first "Ramm Stein" as the band leaves the audience singing and there ... everything stops. It was a joke, they will not play. Bück Dich begins. A little balls waiting for me especially Rammstein .... The band plays Bück Dich in close formation in the middle of the scene (only Doom is the battery in the air). Staging usual place just at the edge of the stage, the small forward. Except that it is in fact placed on a forklift! Till Flake is 5 meters high and sends the pastis of the public, as usual. Closely, it does not make much, but from the stands of a large room it must be nice.
                  Ohne dich-: normal, nothing to say, no effect (not even shower of sparks). Lights blue as usual.


                  -Sonne: while everybody wants a new song (the band comes to greet the public for the first time), Schneider is clearly overdue. Paul let out a "moment" in micro pretty funny. Sonne starts, lights are as usual. However, this time the cross is perfectly deployed, and it literally takes fire all round after the break. It's pretty impressive to see, even Paul turned to watch the show. Very cool.

                  -Ich Will: nothing to say, always the same, but still very effective. The lightshow has not changed, the pyro either.

                  -Pussy: nothing special either, the song takes place as usual, the light show is the same. Only significant difference due to conditions that do not allow Repeat using the cannon (the government is behind it, there is no space) Till descended from the stage to pass the 1 st rank and sang a verse Pussy pressing the barrier of 1 st place. Small end of the concert and outro already known.

                  The after :

                  Nothing special to say, bad beer and bad music, too crowded, people clustered around Paul Schneider, Richard (Ollie, who arrived later) to glean an autograph or a photo. All that must be drunk perfectly for them. They are also not stay long, as I understand it. Not much more to say.


                  The concert seems "weird" at first, the image of the quickdraw Till quite amazing. I am not convinced by all the choices that have been made (particularly in terms of setlist), but overall it was his consistency, although I find less than MIG Tour 2012 (and above LIFAD Tour). I would have liked a little more daring still, with the return of an old song, for example. ITDW intro, I ask to see when it's oiled (I think it was not very well yesterday, Richard, for example, planted the rhythm from the beginning).
                  In fact, to summarize, I would say that what is good is that we have not felt a concert tour of MIG, they renewed the show more than we thought. But precisely the MIG Tour was so there is still a little hungry.
                  That said, I feel a nostalgia post-concert and I'm dying to go back, which is a good sign!
                  Remains to be seen the concert hall and with all the pyro and a setlist may be slightly corrected to get a more accurate. Anyway, looks like another strong Sunday! PS: Then we will add the elements that have forgotten, there surely.


                  • Setlist - Photo by Mihalis (RAMMSTEIN FANS - GREECE)

                    Source: RAMMSTEIN FANS - GREECE on Facebook


                    • RAMMSTEIN in Barcelona!!!!



                      • ahhhhhh, posted 22 minutes ago on LIFAD



                        • Only one hour more



                          • And finally, the pic



                            • Source: Alexandra Pastusiak on LIFAD Community


                              • Somebody is sharing them all together. Here's the link: