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Rammstein Cover Band FEUERENGEL in Vroomshoop (NL)

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  • Rammstein Cover Band FEUERENGEL in Vroomshoop (NL)

    On the 8th of july the Rammstein cover band FEUERENGEL plays at Het Front in Vroomshoop, Oranjeplein.
    The show starts at 20:00 and will cost you 15,00.

    Be There !!!

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    This is a bit off-topic but,

    Why does Rammstein need touring cover bands?
    R+ are still alive and well and doing their own tours.

    Also I listened to two FeuerEngel covers, but it just didn't sound right at all.

    Sorry for that, but it was just my imput.
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      ^They don't. But probably a cover band can make money without having to actually have talent or creativity.
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        Well, Rammstein didn't have a gig in Holland for a several years so it's a good alternative and FEUERENGEL show is pretty good with firework and Lightnings!!


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          I think it is a pretty awesome thing when a band is so amazing people form cover and tribute bands to them. People do it all the time - even while the band is still touring and doing well. If I were a band, it would be pretty cool to be liked so much someone wanted to play my music all the time. And, noone will ever be as good as them...ya know?


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            Cover bands aren't that bad, especially if you can't get to see the real thing - not that they'd ever replace R+
            plus, it's probably good advertising for the band to have various other bands floating around and spreading their songs
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              And, some people that aren't familiar with R+ (if the cover band is half way decent) may be intrigued enough to check out the real thing.