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  • By the way the version on Spotify does not include my favorite jazz part in the end in contrast to the video.
    Whatever you do may seem insignificant, but it is most important that you do it.


    • Originally posted by External View Post
      By the way the version on Spotify does not include my favorite jazz part in the end in contrast to the video.
      That part is inluded only in the video version. Also the intro of studio version doesn't have those strange effects on Till's voice.


      • page 54-55
        Interview by Martin Robert Nielsen
        Translated by The Rose for Affenknecht

        The dick as compass

        Till Lindemann’s art is not the art of subtleties. Skills in Pills is the Rammstein singers first solo-project and the English-language album is a cartoon-humoristic travel into the world of moist fetish-sex.
        According to the antique physician and scientist Galen diseases were caused by an imbalance in the body’s cardinal fluids (blood, slime plus black and yellow bile): The relationship between these fluids was also decisive for the temperament. On Till Lindemann’s first release outside Rammstein – Skills in Pills – bodily fluids are also the linchpin for man’s life and longings. Only the fluids that interests Lindemann are very different.

        - - Sex fascinates me. I mean, one starts out with the missionary position and suddenly you experiment with golden showers. In reality it’s a small step.

        Till Lindemann is not afraid to put into word his own and other’s lust and the remark fall as a dry commentary to the number Golden Shower.

        Innocent provocateur

        GAFFA meets Till Lindemann and his musical brother in arms, Swedish Peter Tägtgren, in Stockholm, to talk about the duo’s common project Lindemann and the debut album Skills in Pills. The album is the result of an equal partnership between the two musicians, even if it carries the German’s name. Lindemann have written the lyrics while Tägtgren build the music around them and plays all the instruments.

        Tägtgren is a highly experienced and established musician and producer in Swedish heavy metal (Pain, Hypocrisy and others). The two have been friends since 2000 when Rammstein were in Sweden to finish Mutter. Lindemann is dressed in a loose-fitting suit, suspenders and sneakers, and the greying hair is combed and held in by gel. Up-front he looks more like a guest at a fernisage than the undisputed agent provocateur of krautrock.

        - -We’re not out to provoke for the sake of provocation. Not at all. But without doubt, some will be provoked by Skills in Pills. I only sing about what every one are thinking about. But the American radio-stations will most likely beep a lot, Lindemann smiles innocently.

        The title-track, with the AC/DC-ish rhyme, is about the massive use of pills in the Western wold. And the hypocrisy that is inherent in denouncing cannabis while having a brimming medicine cabinet.
        But if you think Lindemann is on a mission, you’re wrong. The topic for most of Skills in Pills is sex.

        Wet and stormy

        The 52-year old German calls the songs for love songs. But it’s love drenched in body-fluids. On Fat, Lindemann sings of the joy of feeling in his fat mistress' sweat and searching her skin-folds for secretions.

        - - It’s a love song. I think it’s limiting to claim that fat women cannot be sexy and be desired. The world has a very narrow view on how an attractive woman should look. It’s that mind-set the song challenges. The same for sweat. Sweat and sex go together. Sweat enhances the contact of the skin.

        Lindemann opens out his hands, signalling that the answer is self-evident.

        He is equally clear in his comments to the number Ladyboys, which is homage to the gay- and bisexual men’s easy access to sex. An access Lindemann openly envies:

        - - I think that homosexual men have a far more uncomplicated sexlife than heterosexual men. It’s only dicks and holes. No big feelings. No big drama. It’s bound to be way easier.

        Porno rock auf Englisch

        Prior to the interview a listening-session has been arranged, and you don’t get many beats into the title-track before associations to Rammstein appear. Musically Skills in Pills is surprisingly close to Rammstein. Surprisingly, because Peter Tägtgren masters a broad musical palette and still ends up sounding like Rammstein. The arrangements, the synth-sounds, production, and the whole set-up makes Skills in Pills like the all-way-through-English-language album the band has never released.

        And that could be part of the explanation. By far the largest part of Rammstein fans – especially at their large marked in North America – don’t understand German, and have to turn to Google-translate in order to get just the bigger points.
        That won’t be necessary with Skills in Pills, here almost everyone, regardless of mother-tongue, can follow the lyrics. The listeners won’t have had to have surfed many minutes of net-porn, before they are familiar with Lindemann’s English language pearls.

        A story about fetishe

        At first Skills in Pills sounds like variations of Pussy, from Rammstein’s Liebe ist für Alle Da. It’s the same cartoonish porn-rock with heavy German accent that characterizes most of the album. But without the German-language’s drill-phonetics, Skills in Pills appear more humoristic than brutal.

        - - You can say the Skills in Pills is about different fetishes, among other thing. Sex with fat people, or golden showers. It’s a bit like the Marquis de Sade’s stories. Like the concept for 1001 Night, each night a new erotic story is told. And each night a new theme. A new fetish, if you want. That is one way to describe Skills in Pills.

        But Lindemann’s erotic collection is more cartoonish then it’s literary predecessor. On the first official photos Lindemann and Tägtgren pose in a grotesque Tim Burton-universe as a bridal-couple from Hell, and the unpretentious lurks constantly just under the surface.

        The number Yukon is the exception. Here Lindemann tells of the experience of sailing through the beautiful and dangerous nature-reservation. Musically Yukon reminds of an Ozzy-Osbourne ballad, where the German sings about the forces of the elements, and where some of the Sturm und Drang that is part of the Rammstein DNA is present.

        But where the sea, the travel, and the longing for far away are returning elements in the Rammstein universe, the soloist Lindemann primarily uses the dick as a compass.

        Kinky quantum leaps

        Lindemann says that all lyrics are written in English from the start. Inspiration often comes from the people he meets or becomes aware of. As an example, Golden Shower where an innocent train of thoughts takes a kinky quantum leap in Lindemann’s creative mind.

        - - I saw a picture of a beautiful young woman, who had a small throbbing vein at her collar bone.

        Lindemann taps his fingertips demonstrative on his collarbone and continues:

        - - An almost green vein. A little green river. It fascinated med a lot. I kept thinking about the girl and her green vein and then imagination floats by itself . . .

        The result floated in the direction of urine-sex with the singer at the receiving end: “Be my human Eifel Tower – give me, give me golden shower!” Lindemann begs chantingly, accompanied by beating drums and urinating sounds.
        Further in the wet element. Fish On is a metaphor for the “meat-marked” and Cowboy is about a n old worn-out Wild West pioneer, who pukes from extortion into his Stetson-hat, And on Praise Abort(ion) Lindemann gets “sex is better” to rhyme with “without a French letter”.

        At the edge of the seat

        But what about Lindemann himself? Does anything provoke him??

        - - No. There are things I find wrong or that I don’t like. But provocation in the traditional sense? No. Not at all.

        One of the things Lindemann quite openly doesn’t like, comes forward on a question about the Pegida-movement.
        Lindemann is an old Leipzig-boy and shortly before this interview, the islamophobic movement gathered about 50,000 participants in the singer’s birth-town. The question quite literally gets the laid-back singer to sit up straight on the couch.

        - - It’s sad. It’s really sad. Especially in the light of our (Germany, ed.) history. It’s as if it takes only the smallest occasion, then these neo-Nazis raise their little heads from the ground. But it’s not a German phenomenon. It’s an European phenomenon. If you look over Europe you’ll find several places where these far-righters develop. Unfortunately.

        Rammstein together

        Both Lindemann and Tägtgren emphasize that the album is a hobby-project that grew big during production.

        - - It was never the intention to make an album. It was something we did for fun. Till recorded some lyrics to a click-track at home in Berlin and mailed them to me. Little by little we had so much material that the idea of making an album emerged, Peter Tägtgren tells.

        According to Lindemann, Rammstein will get together again in September/October for pre-production, and therefor there are no solid plans for a solo-tour.

        - - Honestly. We have no clue as to how the album will be received and therefor have no expectations. We haven’t decided on whether taking Lindemann on the road. It’s our mutual hobby-project, which we now let others into, and it will not be conflicting with Rammstein.


        • Ramm-shop now carries Lindemann merchandise:


          • Thank you very much, I love all Lindemann's interviews, all are different and very special.

            Would you mind if Snake post it on Aff Facebook?


            • Originally posted by The Rose View Post
              Ramm-shop now carries Lindemann merchandise:
              At the moment not my cup of tea.


              • Originally posted by Maya View Post
                Thank you very much, I love all Lindemann's interviews, all are different and very special.

                Would you mind if Snake post it on Aff Facebook?
                That is fine by me :-)


                • Thanks!!!!!!


                  • Haha! Till's girlfriend Sophia Thomalla gave a response to the video "Praise Abort". On her Twitter account she wrote:"Too bad everyone now knows how things are working out between us at home ."

                    When asked about what she thinks of the line "I hate my wife" she responded: "I really don't know which of his 100 previous girlfriends he is currently writing about. I don't get mad at that."
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                    • ^Sophia must really be Till's kindred spirit, if they are stiil together. I don't think the man ever had a relationship that lasted this long.
                      Last edited by Snake; 05-30-2015, 09:35 PM.
                      "Which is better, eternal happiness or a ham sandwich? It would appear that eternal happiness is better, but this is really not so! After all, nothing is better than eternal happiness, and a ham sandwich is certainly better than nothing. Therefore a ham sandwich is better than eternal happiness."

                      - Raymond M. Smullyan


                      • ^Although I am a huge Rammstein fan, I have always drawn a pretty straigt line when it comes to how far I take my "fandom". I discuss, comment, praise and critize their work and actions in the frame of Rammstein and/or their solo/side-projects, but I never start investing too much time into commenting or researching about their personal life. They are grown men between 40-50 years who have a right to be left alone and live their personal life when they want to.

                        Therefore I didn't care to comment much about Till's choice of girlfriend when they first were a couple back in 2010. In Germany, the media often covers Sophia Thomalla as some kind of German Paris Hilton. A total "It-girl" if you want to say that. Therefore I was a little confused by Till, but I of course didn't want to claim to know better. Now, five years later, I am very happy the two are still together. I guess in reality she is a much better and complex person as to what the media was making me believe at first.


                        • @Rose, can I also have it in our press archive on Ramm USA?
                          Die Rammstein Akten.
                          The ultimate Rammstein press archive.


                          • Originally posted by SonneN View Post
                            @Rose, can I also have it in our press archive on Ramm USA?
                            You're welcome to do that :-)


                            • Originally posted by The Rose View Post
                              You're welcome to do that :-)
                              Thanks a lot !
                              Die Rammstein Akten.
                              The ultimate Rammstein press archive.


                              • Originally posted by The Rose View Post
                                Ramm-shop now carries Lindemann merchandise:
                                The zip hoodie is not bad...but like I mentioned about the Emigrate stuff...the cost for these is crazy! I mean...I know I've paid their prices for Rammstein stuff, but I am surprised they are selling the side project stuff for the same prices.

                                At least in addition to an Emigrate and Lindemann section, they have a Flake section as well.