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    It was fun reading the three pieces. They made me remember going to West-Berlin by train, and we had to buy transit-visas to GDR and all the hassle the border guards gave us. They didn't really like Western punks coming through, some of the guards were quite young and me and my girlfriends always did our best to make them smile or even better: Blush. If all else failed we would lean out of the train-windows (there were no way we were allowed onto the platform) and lift up our shirts - that always got a blush from the young ones, while the older guards just looked on, shaking their heads, pretending not to look.

    Also in Berlin we would go to the East and crossing over either at Checkpoint Charlie or at Frideichsstrasse U-bahn station, they had a West-Mark shop there where you could buy cheap photo-paper and other things cheaply, even if the made you change West.marks for East-marks 1 to 1.

    But nostalgia . . . no not really, and I doubt even Flake would have liked it as he got older. One thing to fool around as a teenager, another to have to live on the edge of a very restricted society when you get older.


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      ^What a story!!! I love it.

      Probably he will always think it was better, life seen by the eyes of a teenager is always very different. Maybe it was for him, who knows.

      In Spain we had the dictatorship of Franco, some people still says "With Franco we lived better", I can't give a real opinion because I hadn't live those years but they weren't free to do anything, I can't believe it was better, and people were killed and taken to prison, many have to run away. I have listened to versions of different people and it's like they were living in different countries. I know one thing, I wouldn't like it, and sometimes we don't know how lucky we are now.


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        Life in the GDR was simpler, more in control, less overwhelmed with all the western info and relentless capitalism. It was more quiet, structured and predictable. Capitalism makes the world evolve quick, introduced too much traffic, brands, ideas, opinions, etc. Not everyone can handle this pressure or this freedom. It surely did rise the life standard and there's no way Rammstein could've worked without it. But nostalgia - here "ostalgia" - is a well known and understood fact in Germany. I can understand why, although the benefits of the end of the GDR were undeniable and heavily needed.
        Dort wo der Horizont
        Sich mit dem Meer verbindet
        Dort wollt' ich auf dich warten
        Auf das du mich dort findest


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          I am very glad, you guys enjoying this series. We're currently working on Finale
          Die Rammstein Akten.
          The ultimate Rammstein press archive.


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            ^Very much! It's nice that it isn't just a little interview and a couple pictures, but really has so much information about that time.


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              Another one...


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                Maya, this does seems to be quite the soft spot for Flake.


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                  And the final one....

                  Feeling B: The Soundtrack of East Germany’s Demise

                  There are two books published about Feeling B, and a number of mentions in various other literature about the underground culture of East Berlin (which is not equal to, but shouldn’t be separated from, the whole of GDR). “Mix Mir Einen Drink” and the ‘grün & blau’ album’s included booklet by the same name, the latter edited together by Flake himself. None of them are translated into English (yet),
                  Grün & Blau booklet first please.