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    I searched the forum 2 pages in and couldn't find a thread regarding for sale items. Hope this isn't spam or redundant or against the rules which I skimmed some months back...

    My husband and I purchased boots from the (New Rock Spain) after being inspired by Till on tour. Shipping to the US cost more than the boots but it was worth it for the quality. Well, so we thought. I love my boots (besides the fact that they have a side zipper that wasn't advertised) as they are better made than even my English (vintage) Doc Marten's. The hubs however, can't wear the pair he ordered so the expensive shipping was a partial bust and we can't afford to return them. His Popeye monster calves don't fit well in 20 eye boots. So until we're wealthy enough to have New Rock custom make him a pair he'll be stuck yearning for a pair of tall boots to wear with his long shorts. Where does this lead to you ask? It leads to an unbelievable offer on a pair of VERY well made, brand new 20 eye black New Rock boots. If you try to order them from a US New Rock retailer right now, they are are between $150-225 before tax and shipping. We are asking $100 OBO (plus shipping). New Rock is apparently switching over to no retail sales at all, only distributors so they're not even available through them at them moment. If you want details about the boots, please message or email me. We have a load of pictures available. They are 100% brand new, not even laced up or tags removed. Come with all original packaging just like you ordered them from We have an established Paypal account that would protect your purchase (have listed these bad boys on eBay with only gobs of watcher, no bidders) so your purchase would be protected from fraud.
    We are saving up for an upcoming move and cleaning out closets. These boot must go! They are perfect for every day wear or rigid construction requirements as they have a steel toe and rubber sole.

    Mens US size 11.5.

    Not related to the advertisement, have any of you ordered from before? This was our first purchase and we were let down a little because my boots were not as described. Major bummer for such a large purchase. Where do you all buy your tall boots? I'm not a big fan of Chinese leather (nothing personal) so my search is narrowed by country of origin and awesomeness factors. Makes it very difficult to find just the right pair or tall boots. And don't get me started on how hard it is to find long enough laces!
    "I came to see that it is all vanity and a striving after the wind"

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    Thought a link to the ad may be helpful. A few pics can be seen here:
    "I came to see that it is all vanity and a striving after the wind"