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    Jonas Akerlund is to direct a movie about Beatles manager Brian Epstein.
    Funny enough the article lists a lot of his previous work, but Rammstein is not mentioned. Guess they're not mainstream enough in the US(even Metallica is mentioned)

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    I have seen "Horsemen of the Apocalypse", "Polar" and "Lords of Chaos". "Horsemen of the Apocalypse" was a mediocre Seven-inspired horror film. Likewise "Polar" was a mediocre "Kill Bill"-esque gory-action film.

    However, "Lords of Chaos" was actually more entertaining. I know very little about the actual story involving Mayhem, so I can't verify how accurate the movie is. However I do know that this film was Åkerlund's passion project. "Lords of Chaos" actually looks very good both production-wise and cinematography-wise. The film was actually shot in Oslo and Bergen, and was given a grainy look that made it almost look like it was shot on VHS sometimes. Overall it really captured a scandinavian 90s look.

    Some of the acting was not the best, and the film did drag along a bit, however I still would recommend it out of all Åkerlund's film.