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  • Spotify - HELP

    OK so I'm new to Spotify and I'm a bit puzzled (I have a free account)

    1: Can you only 'shuffle play'
    2: If i want to play an album, songs from other albums are played as well, again in shuffle
    3: I create a playlist and Spotify adds other songs (aargh) and again, shuffle

    How do I avoid shuffle and randomly added songs? Is it even possible?

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    *pokes head in*

    Spotify always seems to be on shuffle and eventually it starts throwing in random songs by other artists. I am honestly not sure how to make it stop and usually I get tired of 800 billion ads about how annoying it is to get ads on Spotify so I just go back to iTunes. XD


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      I can live with the ads every ½hour, but the shuffling is really annoying . . . and the added songs ad artist drives me up the wall. I think I'll delete the app again and go back to my mp3-player. it only plays what I want it to play.


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        At the beginning for free accounts there were only adds, unfortunately now that’s it How it works for free accounts, you can try the free Premium month


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          i think spotify is cool platform