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  • Originally posted by EmeraldRose View Post
    I'm doing better. It helped having to keep my mom from freaking out and having to go through the paperwork for the drug trial my dad is going to be doing. Also, having a puppy is very distracting. I can post a picture, sure

    I'm glad you feel better, not being alone and being busy helps.

    Wow, it's so cute, and there is the scared cat too!!! Thanks for posting it


    • I'm glad there is a treatment plan for your dad, Emerald Rose, and I hope he'll benefit from it quickly. <3

      Engel is a real cutie, but as a cat-person I feel for poor Grendel and hope she'll learn to stand up for her rights


      • Thanks again for the support guys

        No worries about Grendel, he's been hiding out so far, but yesterday he was behind the table (with all the chairs blocking the dog) and growling at her. Once he gets used to her he'll be fine. And Engel will leave him alone once she gets swiped good across the nose.

        My work day is just dragging! I just want to curl up under a blanket with a cup of tea and read. Or watch TV. Or just not be working. I think I will still go have some tea...


        • Today is a day for Rammstein on shuffle. Nothing else, just Rammstein. Yesterday was an Emigrate day. Some days I can do the whole library on shuffle, but I am finding more and more that I just want to listen to particular artists on shuffle without other stuff mixed in.

          Anyone else? How do you play your music?


          • Today is "Ohne Dich"´s day, nothing else, i feel very sad, I can listen to the same song for hours.

            My boss was fired yesterday This song is so sad, it fits perfect.

            I usually choose an album or an artist and don't mix different types of music except for weird days.


            • ^ I'm sorry to hear about your boss

              I can definitely understand listening to the same song over and over. Usually for me it's Asche zu Asche, but other times Ohne Dich or Klavier are best. Today I'm not repeating songs though, just all of my Rammstein.


              • ^^Sorry about your boss, Maya.

                I like to listen to just one artist when I walk around, my mp3-play is a bit weird when I want it to shuffle, then it only seems to shuffle between the same 30 numbers, so to hear all I play in alphabetical order. So sometimes at home when I put a CD on, I get surprised at the order the numbers come up in, expecting another song from another album ;-)


                • For me it's almost never just one artist. In melancholic days I listen the more sad songs from Rammstein, but also Lacuna Coil, Slipknot, Ost+Front, whatever (usually metalbands though). When I'm happy it's more the worked-up energetic stuff, after a long but good day's work it's often more quiet, positive work (like Iron Maiden or so). Rammstein always fits in (one of the great things about the band is that day have songs for every mood.. for me personnaly, only Guns N' Roses has the same thing, other bands always run short in at least 1 mood) though that's more for at home or in the car.

                  The only times I listen to an entire record is at home when I'm doing sth (dishes, cooking, working) or when I'm driving. Herzeleid is my nr. 1 "freeway-album", especially at night, when it's hard to stay awake on the motorway .
                  Dort wo der Horizont
                  Sich mit dem Meer verbindet
                  Dort wollt' ich auf dich warten
                  Auf das du mich dort findest


                  • So I decided to just Shuffle All in my music this morning. It started out well, Mutter...then a couple Imagine Dragon....Ooooook. It's good music, but not what I'm really interested in this morning.

                    Then out of nowhere...U2. What the hell? When did this get on my library?!! I like U2, but they're music is all in the main iTunes library on our computer, not on my phone. Then...oh album. I'd completely forgotten about it. Apparently it got on my phone during the last sync.

                    U2 Virus?

                    Ok, I'm going to have to make a playlist of just metal stuff. Because, while U2 may be's just not what I really listen to all the time anymore. :P


                    • That's what I call SPAM.


                      • ^

                        Seriously though, I think it's cool they made it available and all...but...does it just show up on people's iTunes? What if they are like complete U2-hating people? Anyway, new playlist of just the stuff I want to listen to pretty much every day. 245 songs, 1034 minutes should get me most of the way through my day


                        • ^If I receive it without asking for it I will complain, I'll look for the official way of doing it. Nobody tells me what music I have to listen and I don't want it in my iTunes library, less in my iPhone or iPod.


                          • ^ Oh it is definitely coming off my phone. Trust me there's tons of stuff in our library I like waaaaaay better than U2 that isn't on my phone.

                            I do have a soft spot for them since we played one of their songs for our first dance at our wedding, but it just isn't music I want to listen to over and over. I'm actually at the point of taking most of the Imagine Dragons off, and some of the Halestorm songs. There's a few on each of those I will keep....just not many.

                            I guess I've gotten more picky as I've gotten older? I have to say of all the music that we have (or that I've had in the past), I think Rammstein and Emigrate are the only bands that I actually like...hmm...probably 99% of the songs. There are a few that are ok, but not ones I want to hear all the time. Other bands...sometimes one, maybe two songs that I like.


                            • I must be crazy: Today I'll spend 11 hours in transport (trains and cars) to see and photograph a natural phenomenon, that will last half an hour if I'm lucky and if it will occur at all - And I'm not really a nature girl I'm a city girl ;-)


                              • ^I hope it have occurred, and I find it a good way to spend your Saturday.