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  • Just me.

    Hey everyone, to begin.

    Well, I'm from Pennsylvania in the US...I suppose that's a start.

    My friend first introduced me to Rammstein around April 17th of this year. (Has it really only been two months???). The first song I heard was Weisses Fleisch.

    I currently have all of Herzeleid, all of Reise, Reise, three songs from Sehnsucht (Engel, Du hast, and Buck dich), three from Rosenrot (Benzin, Rosenrot, and Hilf mir), three from Mutter (Links 2 3 4, Sonne, and Rein raus), Mein Land, and four songs from Liebe ist fur alle da (Ich tu dir weh, Haifisch, Buckstabu, and Pussy). I'm trying to get all of them on my iPod and then memorize both the German and the English.

    I'm actually trying to learn German through the lyrics. This leads to hilariousness like knowing the word for masturbation but not "how are you?" Oh well. I'll get there.

    German is my favourite language, with Russian as a close second. I'm teaching myself both of these kind of on the side. If anyone's fluent and wants to help teach me, that would be amazing. Already memorized the Cyrillic alphabet though, which is nice.

    I can't pick one favourite song, but if forced to I'd, depending on my mood, say either Mein Teil, Engel, Du hast, Sonne, or Buckstabu. Pussy might be somewhere in there too, along with Benzin.

    Well, I'm going to wrap this up, because I don't have anything more to say. Comment if you wish; I will attempt to keep up with these if you do.

    Hope to meet some awesome fans on here ^^

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    Welcome to the board! In case you need any help, we have a thread on learning german:
    I speak German fluently, so if you need any other help, just ask!

    Thank god for Keine Lust for teaching us "onanieren" !

    Nice to see you like Bückstabü. Many people here think it's a terrible song, but it's a very cool track IMO.
    Dort wo der Horizont
    Sich mit dem Meer verbindet
    Dort wollt' ich auf dich warten
    Auf das du mich dort findest


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      Welcome, Crazyness34234234
      "Which is better, eternal happiness or a ham sandwich? It would appear that eternal happiness is better, but this is really not so! After all, nothing is better than eternal happiness, and a ham sandwich is certainly better than nothing. Therefore a ham sandwich is better than eternal happiness."

      - Raymond M. Smullyan


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        @Waidmann: thanks again XD AND YES THAT IS AWESOME I SHALL CLICK THAT IMMEDIATELY. I'll definitely check with you if I have any questions regarding grammar ^^ and yes, oh Keine Lust *rolls eyes fondly* And what??? why??? Buckstabu (unfortunately i can't do the umlauts) is awesome!!!

        @Snake: thx XD nice spelling fail though >->


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          I love Bückstabu too
          and Wilkommen!!! have you gone to their concert when they were in PA? (you aren't too far from me, I am currently next door in Ohio, but only for 9 more days, then I am off to Germany)
          And I have private German lessons every Thursday but I know a good website for learning a language, I will add it on the thread for it x)


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            Yes!!! Hooray for Buckstabu (still don't have umlauts )

            And ugh, I wish! Unfortunately, I'm not allowed to go to concerts, but even if I was, I was grounded while they were here. God, I missed out

            Awesome, thanks ^^ currently, I'm implementing the livemocha one from that thread, really helpful actually. I'll make sure to check yours out too ^^


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              Mine was the live mocha one x)


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                The words for masturbation and suicide can be very similar in German just a random fact for today.....
                Welcome to the forum
                DENN DU BIST, WAS DU ISST.


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                  Write them.


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                    @RG527 well that works out then ^^

                    @cannibal that's hilarious. what's the one for suicide? and thx XD

                    @Maya the words for masturbation and suicide you mean? i know masturbation is onanieren, as Waidmann mentioned earlier...


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                      Yup.... jejejejejejeje