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  • Collection on eBay

    Attention Collectors! I have most of my Rammstein collection up for grabs on eBay. I still have the albums held back for now, but all my singles are fair game, which includes both Ich Will and Feuer Frei UK Boxsets, as well as some Sehnsucht singles.

    Items can be found Here. Please let me know if there are any errors (I can get carried away and leave the wrong info from the previously listed item) in any items.

    Bid away! I am hoping to use the proceeds towards a possible engagement ring or something more useful than some dust collectors.

    Ps. Nice forum you have here

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    ^Welcome, Rotersand. I hope she is really an awesome woman, because you are abdicating of a rare collection.
    "Which is better, eternal happiness or a ham sandwich? It would appear that eternal happiness is better, but this is really not so! After all, nothing is better than eternal happiness, and a ham sandwich is certainly better than nothing. Therefore a ham sandwich is better than eternal happiness."

    - Raymond M. Smullyan


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      Thanks! She is great I still love the band, but the collection has not been off my shelf except for packing them into boxes the last few moves since my collecting days.