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  • Hallo!

    It's a pleasure to join the forum. I've been an off and on lurker for a while. Was a member of the Rosenrot forum for a long time, but nobody posts anything anymore.

    I have been a Rammstein fan since I was a teenager. First heard them around the time Mutter was released, but didn't really get into them until around the time Reise, Reise was out. I used to would've argued that Reise, Reise was my favorite album, but I find myself putting on Herzeleid the most. That being said, I like all the albums for various reasons.

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    Welcome to the forum. I hope you'll like it here. I's not as active as it used to be, but there is still life


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      Welcome to Affenknecht, S.C. Reams.
      "Which is better, eternal happiness or a ham sandwich? It would appear that eternal happiness is better, but this is really not so! After all, nothing is better than eternal happiness, and a ham sandwich is certainly better than nothing. Therefore a ham sandwich is better than eternal happiness."

      - Raymond M. Smullyan


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        Thanks for the kind welcome!


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          Welcome to the forum!!!!!


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            Welcome; we'll surely get things more active here as the album release approaches. And surely several people around here will share and discuss their opinions regarding the new record and tour setlists/ performances.
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