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Affenknecht's Forum 10th Birthday

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  • Affenknecht's Forum 10th Birthday

    Yesterday was Forum's tenth birthday, ten years ago External posted this:

    Testing new forum
    After some hard times we had recently (database errors, hacking attacks, etc.) I decided to install a new forum platform. You are invited to test the the new Affenknecht forum. In case there will be a positive feedback after some time, we will completely close current forum and will move to the new one. Advantages: better spam blocking, better user profiles, user block, better info sharing and community building-
    And when I read the newsletter I signed up and that was ten years ago as you can see in my profile.

    I had spent a lot of time here, meet amazing people and share my Rammstein passion.

    The forum is not as active as it was, but is still alive. So, congratulations Affenknecht !!!!


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    Wow, congratulations!

    I always favoured this forum among the other Rammstein boards, as the others are / were often for a specific group or country (Netherlands, French, Spanisch,...).
    Dort wo der Horizont
    Sich mit dem Meer verbindet
    Dort wollt' ich auf dich warten
    Auf das du mich dort findest


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      Wow, 10 years. I've been here since 2013 and I remember how welcoming it felt here when I joined, and all the conversations we had, both Rammstein but also personal in the "What's on your mind" threads, where help was always near, if you wanted to rant about the unfairness of life, or just have a chat.
      I've met Waidmann IRL, and am still planning to take a long weekend in Madrid when this pandemic is over.


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        Amazing people on this forum, we have shared so many things.. I’ve met Jorge and Snake, and I love that plan, I can imagine a coffee in Santa Ana’s square