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  • Further Affenknecht development

    Hello to everyone, and happy upcoming Christmas and New Year!

    Friends, since receiving I was thinking how we can further improve and develop our website, but first due to virus that raged on our site for years and later Covid, I got sidetracked ALOT.
    Now finally I am ready to do it.

    First I want to make a database on songs: bands, albums, lyrics, translations and tablatures
    this database will be immense and will cover not only Rammstein or hard music in general, but much more. it will be an additional feature and won't intervene with site in general or forum at all.

    As for news & posts I want them to be about hard music in general, there are so many great metal bands, that I personally enjoy: Powerwolf, Sabaton, In Flames, Lacrimosa, Machinae Supremacy etc...
    I won't abandon Rammstein as "one of the bands" it still will be the center theme of the forum & to some extent of the site, but our background will have to go as well as the site theme (our site lags too much due to it), I will still keep dark theme color though.

    If you have any suggests or questions please ask and tell me.

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    Hello there!

    Seems like a great idea to me.

    Would the current content (threads / discussions / posts) disappear? If so, I would take some time to save some stuff from this board.
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      Forum won't be changed at all, only website.


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        Perhaps you could start by updating the Lindemann video-section?


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          Originally posted by The Rose View Post
          Perhaps you could start by updating the Lindemann video-section?
          This isn't exactly manual work, we have an insanely massive & obsolete amount of pages & posts, I tried manually changing lyrics translation pages for a few months, spent dozens hours on it and gave up, it takes too much time.

          Thus I decided to create new structure inside that will be automatically filled at first and then we can start working with it.