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  • How to add images to your posts

    I'm sure I'll write different versions of this, I don't explain myself very well and the language of my browser is Spanish, so using images it's not easy, The first are taken from the net, the rest better I don't explain it. Here I go... If something doesn't seem easy, ask and I'll rewrite it. Click on the small images to enlarge them.

    Well, there are many ways you can share a photo.

    One is posting an image that you find on the net.

    First you need the image location.

    I use Firefox, with it, it's very easy. When you find the photo right-click on it and select "Copy Image Location".

    On Internet Explorer, the way to get the image location is right clicking on the photo, selecting properties, it will open the properties popup window, look for the Address (url): select the url text, right click again and select copy. After it's the same than with Firefox.

    Google Chrome if you right click on an image it says "copy image url"

    Safari, select "Copy Image Address".

    Opera, select "Copy Image Address".

    Now, you can share it
    Then on the Post editor you can do different things

    1. Write [IMG] right clic select paste and after write[/IMG], you will see something written like [IMG]imagelocation[/IMG]


    2. Or you can use the button, it does the same but you don't have to write it. Above the textbox you can find many small buttons, if you stop the mouse over them there is a description of what they do, in the right you can see six, the third beginning from the right is a picture, if you stop the mouse on it you can read "insert image", if you press it then will pop the "insert image" text box, you must choose From url and uncheck retrieve (if you don't want a copy between your attachments)..... in the text box you have to paste the location of the photo. Then press OK. You'll see the same [IMG]imagelocation[/IMG].



    If you use the preview button of go advanced editor, you will see how the post will look.
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    Tomorrow, I'll add how to add an image from your computer (hard drive or similar)


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      i think everyone has to know that if they can use the interwebs =o

      by the way you can even just drag the images in the textbox for their url


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        Originally posted by You View Post
        i think everyone has to know that if they can use the interwebs =o

        by the way you can even just drag the images in the textbox for their url
        You are wrong... I know at least three with doubts

        Yup, you've got the link then.

        Anyway, if nobody needs it, great, but if somebody needs it, it will be here.


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          Thanks Maya, i definatly need it, i have no printer at home as you know and our printer at work was broken, i am hoping when i go back to work tomorrow it will be fixed. I am useless when it comes to computers so your help is much appreciated and your valuable time to help us
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            Now an image you have on your hard drive (or similar).

            In this case, you will have to upload it to the net (meaning Facebook, imageshack,etc) and follow steps above or you can upload them to Affenknecht .

            In Aff, there is a limitation because there's a size limit, it's different depending on file type.


            You can use the same icon, the one with the picture image, it's the third on the right. The legend you read when the mouse is over it says "Insert Image". A new window will open, the title of it will be Insert image (you can read it on top), this time you must be on From computer tab, at bottom of the window there's a link Basic Uploader


            if you click on it you have the classic one with a button to select your file on hard disk, choose it and press OK.


            Below the text box there's an Upload image button. Click on it, it's done.

            You'll read on the text box [ATTACH=CONFIG]number[/ATTACH]. It's done.


            This is the easiest way.


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              There is an advanced one, but don't know if it worth it or not.

              You'll say it.


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                Many thanks

                Hi Maya,

                I am not too good on the computer so I want to thank you for the write up. Very much appreciated

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                  Glad to read is useful for you.