Album to be released in late 2009

We have finally some official info about the release date of the upcoming Rammstein album. All registered fans received an email recently saying following:

While Rammstein are recording their newest studio album in sunny California, the first snow has fallen today in Berlin. You have sent us a lot of questions since news reached you via the Rammstein website about the recordings for the new album. Many rumours have flooded the internet since then. The production of the album will take some time and a release isn’t planned before autumn 2009. If everything goes according to plan, we’ll hear the first single before summer 2009 and be able to greet Rammstein at the beginning of their tour before the end of the year. This tour, which is to stretch far into the year 2010, will finally give you enough of a chance to see the band live again after the long period of waiting. Above all, there are some surprises in store for our loyal fans and Community members in the 2009/2010 tour year.

That means almost one more year of waiting for the album and half a year for the new single. Stay tuned friends!

Source: Rammstein newsletter


  1. Hm.. I’ll just say that’s cool. At least it’s getting close to a release. I don’t mind waiting. They have such good albums already that I never get tired of them. So if they need the extra year to get down another awesome album no big deal. When it’s done it’s done. Just glad they have conntrol over their music and it’s not rushed! Keep rocking guys!

  2. awesome news, a release in summer means a tour around end of summer, so plenty of time to save up so i can buy a ticket to each and every venue lol

    so glad we're finally getting something new, i don't care how long i gotta wait

  3. i saw this on there site in German just looking around


    Der erste Teil der Aufnahmen wurde am 21.12.2008 nach 7 Wochen intensiver Arbeit beendet . Schlagzeug , Gitarren , Bass , sowie der Großteil der Gesangsspuren sind nun aufgenommen . Musiker und Produzenten haben sich in die Ferien verabschiedet . Bis zum nächsten Abschnitt wünschen wir allen Beteiligten sowie allen Rammstein Fans da draußen , ein frohes Fest , sowie einen lang anhaltenden und ausgelassenen Rutsch ins neue Jahr .

    it means


    The first part of the recordings on 21.12.2008 after 7 weeks of intensive work finished. Drums, guitars, bass, and the bulk of the vocal tracks are now recorded. Musicians and producers have adopted the holiday. Until the next section, we wish all parties and all Rammstein fans out there a Merry Christmas and a long-lasting and exuberant slip into the new year.


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