Yet Another Concert in Paris


The official site updated the list of concerts for the upcoming “Made in Germany 1995-2011” tour, with an additional concert in Paris for March 7th 2012. Ticket pre-sales start July 13th.

With this new date, there is already a total of 43 concerts for this new tour. You can confirm this information here.

  • Mark

    I remember a time when the French weren’t so keen on Germans turning up……..


    Maybe some of you people should try anger management lol!!!!

  • Rowie

    Are they planning to come Downunder again, or is this tour just for Europeans?

  • Csaba

    Who the fuck cares about whom they are belong?! We all love their music!!!! It is impossible to make a concert in every single country in this planet, but they will make as mny as possible, in largest countries much more than 1 or 2.


    Well they are ours after all!!!!!

  • Michelle

    I’m with Leann here, come on Europe, you’ve had Rammstein far too long now…

  • Just…

    I want to see their all. I think it will not enough me…

  • Leann

    Anything on USA yet?? I’ll pay triple!!!!

  • no-1-ramm-fan

    5 dates in the UK….as we Love them more than ANY-1 ELSE …wooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  • Mark


  • David

    Now there are two concerts in France, five in England and so on but there are no concerts in Iceland. Rammstein came here in 2001 but haven’t shown up since then.