Vote for Rammstein for the Revolver Golden Gods Awards


Yesterday the nominees for this year’s “Revolver Golden Gods” Awards were announced in Los Angeles.

Rammstein are delighted to be nominated in the category “Best Live Band” for one of the most important U.S. Rock and Metal Awards!


  • Richard

    Also, they will most likely loose because its an American awards show, and the only people in the US who saw them in the last decade were the 20K at MSG. If they would of toured earlier, im sure they would of taken home the award.

  • Zach

    I voted for Rammstein but I’m sure they lose considering your average american doesn’t know who the fuck they are or like their music

  • Richard

    Rammstein will never make it big in the US because most Americans are stupid and will never accept the fact that they sing in German. I myself am American and got over the language barrier long ago.

  • Glenn

    they should have been in about 5 categories, but whatever

  • TochterVonJurgens

    Funny they are in just ONE category; BUT, I am glad they are there!

  • Dave

    Just voted for Rammstein.