Two new gigs in Berlin announced for May


Today we are pleased to announce 2 Rammstein concerts for May 21st and 22nd, 2010 at Berlin’s Wuhlheide! Rammstein community members can exclusively obtain tickets for the shows from March 11th through this coming Sunday.

Source: Facebook

  • Gno

    R+ Fan

    no surprise – 22nd was sold out yesterday, 21st tickets will run out soon, too

  • R+ fan

    there’s a new date – 24th May in Berlin – Wuhlheide

  • cole

    Lucky sons-a-B****’s!!

  • Jimmen

    The show on 22 of may is SOLD OUT!!! Congrats to all of us who got tickets to the show:)
    This night will be EPIC!!!

  • Merlin

    That was the first thing that struck my mind too. I bet this is where they are gonna record the new dvd.

  • Till

    I agree with Cole! It would look even more cool than ”Volkerball”!

  • No.1-Ramm-Fan

    A dvd is needed !!!! its a shame that tracks 4rm rosenrot wont be seen live though :(:(:(:(:(

    Mann geggan Mann is a track THAT needs to be played LIVE !!!

  • RoterSand

    Live aus Berlin pt. 2? I would prefer Live aus Helsinki but let’s see, I’m sure that they are going to make such a great DVD ! 🙂

  • rammoholic

    I can’t wait until they come to Sweden again! The concert they did in Stockholm globe was the awesomest thing EVER! I can’t forget it!! I want to go back! But still, I’m going to see them live again this summer! ;3´And Yeah, I think hey should do a DVD like they did with ‘Live aus Berlin’. But I think they should do ‘Live from Sweden’ O.O

  • Chris

    Will this be a community members only gig or is it just kind of like a presale idea for them? Would be a shame if it was just for them, even though there’s not much chance of me getting there :p

  • Gno

    Is there any possibility to buy tickets through internet with shipping to Moscow?

  • cole

    Rammstein should shoot a DVD there like,”Live Aus Berlin”. That would be freaking awsome!